Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creative Grids Double Strip Rulers Shine

The strip rulers are simply brilliant designs – but until we got them into the hands of brilliant designers, we didn’t know how truly special they are! We knew the basic concept was a winner – but didn’t realize the versatility of the tools….Check these out!

All of these quilts were made with this same ruler…
Kaleido-Strips 8 by Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever
This ‘double strip” version of a kaleidoscope makes short work of the tedious task of rotary cutting these quilts….

Item #CSC005

Joan Ford – Scrap Therapy
Joan has used this ruler in several quilts – and they all look totally different!
Around Town….

Item #HH-107
Without a Paddle….

Item #ST-227 
Trade Winds….
In this quilt, Joan combines the Creative Grids Double Strip Kaleidoscope with the Lazy Angle (CGR3754):

Item #ST-228 
Lizzy House
Lizzy combined these two rulers to produce the cover quilt in her new book….

Item #LHL1001PB007 
The Double Strip 60 Degree Ruler…

Item #CGRDBS60
Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever has done it again – this 60 degree version of a kaleidoscope quilt….

Item #CGRDBS60 
The Storm at Sea Ruler….

Item #CGRSAS Retail
All of the cuts for this Storm at Sea quilt are made with this one ruler…

Item #CSC002 
The Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler….

Item #CGRSRC3 
What a fun way to work with positive and negatives….

Item #CSC003
. Some of these patterns will not be available until next month – but you may want to pre-order

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