Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Quilt Pattern .. Free Wallpaper..

Just Out..  a new collection from Blank Fabric.. and a very cool pattern for a quilt block. Called Floral Oasis.  It is a fused applique to create the blocks.. and you can increase the sashing to enlarge the quilt to your desired size.. 

Click here for the PDF File Pattern.. and save it to your computer. 

Some of you may change the Wallpaper on your computer ?  Well Connecting Threads has created some new ones for your enjoyment.. Click here for the link to the wallpapers ...

Over 100 Free Sewing Project Instructions.. through Connecting Threads.. 
Click Here...  Choose a quick week-end project

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Order on Line the PINK MONKEY USB Stick.. from EMTEC.. See the Amazon ad on the right...  Monkeys are also available in other colors.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something for the Kids..!

Saturday is the Last Kids Sewing Class for this year.  

In this class they will make a project that creates a great gift or holiday accent. A pattern that they will continue to create many times over the years.  The project is a fabric bowl, basket, creel shaped dish..  Perfect for holding.. a supply of sweet treats, assorted cosmetics on the counter..  hair clips.. well just about any thing that needs to be contained..

On Saturday.. the Kid's class at Heydes.. will create a Halloween version of the basket container.  Using Halloween fabric and a Jack-o- Lantern face as the decoration. This is a  Kid's class not to be missed. This truly is a project that will stay in a child's (adults too) portfolio of sewing favorites for gift giving and holiday accents for years to come. 

So parents.. sign up your little ones for this Saturday class.  There are still 4 openings for 10-29. Call 314-843-1168 and reserve a space in this 2 hour class of knowledge. Moms, Grandma's, Dad's you are invited to stay for class time too ! Make this coming Saturday morning a great learning time together.. 

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A note.. Karen's Uncle was in an a very bad accident this past week-end.. please join us in sending prayers for Karen and her family..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Demo Day.. !

Come on in to the store Today..  It's Demo Day..

Plus.. we have the October Sale Going On.. Check out Current Promotions..
Plus we have the October  Red Quilt Folder Available... bring your Stick !
We have some Halloween Embroideries.. for your stick..  Faces.. and  Subway Halloween..

Plus Faces.. that you can add to anything Orange.. to create a Jack-O Lantern


Lots of stuff for you.. at the store today.. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creative Grids Double Strip Rulers Shine

The strip rulers are simply brilliant designs – but until we got them into the hands of brilliant designers, we didn’t know how truly special they are! We knew the basic concept was a winner – but didn’t realize the versatility of the tools….Check these out!

All of these quilts were made with this same ruler…
Kaleido-Strips 8 by Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever
This ‘double strip” version of a kaleidoscope makes short work of the tedious task of rotary cutting these quilts….

Item #CSC005

Joan Ford – Scrap Therapy
Joan has used this ruler in several quilts – and they all look totally different!
Around Town….

Item #HH-107
Without a Paddle….

Item #ST-227 
Trade Winds….
In this quilt, Joan combines the Creative Grids Double Strip Kaleidoscope with the Lazy Angle (CGR3754):

Item #ST-228 
Lizzy House
Lizzy combined these two rulers to produce the cover quilt in her new book….

Item #LHL1001PB007 
The Double Strip 60 Degree Ruler…

Item #CGRDBS60
Rita Fishel of Creations Sew Clever has done it again – this 60 degree version of a kaleidoscope quilt….

Item #CGRDBS60 
The Storm at Sea Ruler….

Item #CGRSAS Retail
All of the cuts for this Storm at Sea quilt are made with this one ruler…

Item #CSC002 
The Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler….

Item #CGRSRC3 
What a fun way to work with positive and negatives….

Item #CSC003
. Some of these patterns will not be available until next month – but you may want to pre-order

Monday, October 17, 2011

Red Quilt October Begins..

It's Red Quilt Time.. We have 1 full size Quilt Pattern For You and 1- 33" square Wall Hanging in the October Folder. 

The full sized quilt is called "Here's My Heart..  This piecework design is made up of easy blocks filled with stylized hearts.  Each block is 12 inches square. The finished quilt is 70 1/2 x 84 1/2.   We like this one ! 

The Wall hanging quilt is called "Heart's Desire".. Quick and Quaint.  NOTE.. the embroidery for the center is not done for this month...  BUT we promise that it will be included in an up coming folder.

So while we do not have any bonus embroideries.. for our RED Quilt Club Folder this month.. Don't miss picking up this months Red Quilt Offering... because we will have the matching bonus embroideries available soon !  

We are playing catch-up around the blog.. so we thank you for your patience !
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

AG presents a Different Kind of Embroidery ?

An in depth look at the Anita Goode Prayer Garden Embroidery Offering..

While the first pictures of this Embroidery Pack.. did not light up our lights.. a bit of looking deeper found some interesting aspects of this design edition. 

  • All the running stitches.. that creates a color book image and then the application of marker fabric colors. 
  • The assembly of the blocks using jelly rolls strips.. Very Interesting ! 
  • 94 different blocks.. 
We think this bears a second look and consideration.   The time to Pre order is NOW before October 31st.... at the discount 79.95 price ...less the Heyde Special Discount. !   Call the store.. 843-1168

Also don't forget  Membership in the Anita Goode Embroidery Design Club is still available at a Great Savings.. through Heyde.  The Club Membership information is on the Current Promotions Page and for the Great Savings Discount.. give the store a call. ! 314-843-1168. 

Reasons to visit Heyde Today.. 

  • It's Sunday and we are open.. 11:00am to 4:00pm
  • Take a look at the Embroidery Packet Wall.. So many cute designs for the Sewing Season. 
  • We would love to see your smile !! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Creative Grids Machine Quilting Templates

Grids Machine Quilting Templates  – Concentric Shapes.
This article will explain how to use the templates with longarm quilting systems. It is worth noting that all the templates can be used for many purposes, but they were designed to be used with longarm quilting systems, which is why they are ¼” thick.
The Concentric Shapes are extremely useful since there are multiple sizes of each shape – AND – you can use the inside edges as well as the outside edges. This is possible because every template has a small slot which provides access to the inside edges. This slot is large enough to get around the shaft of the hopping foot, but small enough that you can stitch past it and there is no visible flaw in the stitch line.
The benefit of this slot is subtle, but significant. When stitching a geometric shape, the inside edge provides far more control, making it easier to get the perfect shape. Outside edges are still very useful, especially when the shape is being used to control the machine when outlining designs like appliqué.
There are four shapes available:
Item # BDQSQ
The Circles and Squares have 11 pieces each.
Stars have 4 pieces and Hearts have 6.
Here are examples of what you can do with the Creative Grids Sweet Set Circles. Notice the consistent shape of the stitched circles. It is easy when using the inside edge of the template.

It is always a good idea to measure and mark the quilt before stitching. I use chalk because it is removed easily. The registration marks on the templates allow them to be placed accurately.

The square templates are quickly becoming one of my favorites, especially for inside borders and sashings.

Squares are stitched on point, and connected by stitching a horizontal line from one to the next.

Squares can also be overlapped, creating a gridwork, similar to crosshatching, but much easier to do.

Use one side of the template to create duplicate stitch lines. No need to mark and measure the echo lines! When using the inside of the template as the stitching guide, the corners remain sharp and pointed.

Enhance the square designs by using the Star.

Add some arcs by using just the top of the Heart.

Here is an example of a block design, created using just the heart shape template. There are hundreds of block possibilities using the Creative Grids Sweet Set concentric shapes individually or in combinations.
Use concentric shapes when doing detailing around appliqué. Choose a template that matches the curvature of the appliqué, and use either the inside or outside edge.

I especially like using the Heart shapes for outlining appliqué because they have both a straight edge and a curved edge.

Plus, the top of the heart fits the hopping foot perfectly, so the template can be used to guide the machine for excellent control.

The Latest Addition to the Jelly Roll Quilts Line…

 New released  two books Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts features settings for 10 sampler quilts – and an assortment of 50 blocks that can be placed into the settings! What a novel idea – and they can all be cut from 2 1/2″ strips. Each quilt design is made with just 40 – 2 1/2″ strips! The collection includes blocks for beginner and intermediate quilters so all of your students can enjoy a challenge! With 10 settings and 50 blocks to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Their second release - More Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts – features 14 different quilts from lap to full size that use a variety of pre-cuts. This book also features a “vital statistic” guide that helps you do the math to vary the size of the quilts. These patterns feature five and ten inch squares as well as two and a half inch strips and fat eighths. Don’t you love the basket quilt on the cover? Quirky and fun!

What you may not know is that Pam and Nicky feature the new Creative Grids multi-sized 45/90 degree triangle ruler in these books. This ruler is designed to make quick work of cutting these strips and squares into the sizes you need. The ruler cuts half-square triangles and quarter-square triangles up to a finished size of 5″. The markings on the ruler do the math for you – it is absolutely mindless! Simply choose the marking for the finished size of the square and you are good to go! The ruler fits in the palm of your hand for easy cutting and positioning.

This ruler also comes in a 45/60 degree version for those of you who love 60 degree angles.

Don’t you love it when creative people get together to combine talents and make our lives easier???

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farm Girl Quilts New Book!

The popular Joined at the Hip design team brings a fresh new palette to this quilt collection. See what can be done when a few lighter and brighter colors are splashed on country-style quilts.
  • Get back to the land with 12 beautiful patchwork and appliqué designs inspired by the Iowa farms where the authors grew up
  • Create projects ranging from table runners to wall quilts, lap quilts, and bed quilts
  • Read appealing descriptions of life in the country and discover stories in the quilts themselves