Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Fabric.. It's Spring!

A whole spring selection of fabrics have arrived. Here is a sample.

Bolts of lovely soft hued floral

Neutrals for mixing and matching

A burst of springtime color.. 

Stop in the store.. and pick up fabric for your week-end sewing. 

Remember today is the last day of "Karen has left the city sale" Check out the Current promotions page for sale details.

Monday, February 27, 2012

News from the Convention..

Karen is sending news from the Sewing Machine Dealers Convention.. and we are letting you all know what is happening. 

3 presser feet New to Brother, have been announced. 

The first is a new "stitch in the ditch" foot.  That has a deeper center blade. 

The second is a new "cording and piping foot". 

The third is a "Roller Foot" 

The Roller Sewing Machine Presser Foot is effective for preventing fabric from slipping or puckering, because the presser foot rotates to feed the upper layer together with the lower layer without slippage, so the upper layer and lower layer are fed simultaneously.

Also... Working in cooperation with Eileen Roche Brother will be introducing a Magnetic Hoop for the Quattro series and the Duetta Series. 

If you are not familiar with the Snap Hoop Product.. We have found an old video that will give you the premise of this product. 

Last Year in August.. we introduced you to the Brother TV Web Site..  The TV Program is run on Public Television Stations across the country.  The show was not picked up by the St Louis Station Nine.  But it is possible if enough people contact the station and ask that "It's Sew Easy"  be added to our NINE programming the persons in charge could be swayed to consider this program to air in St Louis. 
You can contact the Station through this link.

We will pass along more information.. as we hear about it. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Quilting Retreat In August 2011

Retreat at Todd Hall August 24th, 25th and 26th.

The accommodations of the Retreat are 3 days and 2 nights sleep-over with 5 meals.

The Retreat this year is about sewing.. 

  • You can sew the whole time on your own projects and enjoy taking some social break times on your own schedule..
  • Or.. anytime during retreat you can join in on some demos, small sewing projects, game night.. etc.. 

At this Years Retreat You Decide what you are going to do sewing wise.. Bring your own projects to begin.. or finish. Sew all day and into the night if you like.. away from telephones, laundry, cooking, husbands, and kids. 

Cost for Commuters.. $125.00
Cost for Single Room Occupancy.. $258.00
Cost for Double Occupancy Room  $225.00

Make reservations NOW...  call 1-843-1168  to secure your space or ask for additional details.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ruffles Ruffles.. They are Everywhere..

Ruffles... they are so much fun, and you can add them to almost everything that's fabric.

Like a baby's butt..  Grandma's love to see their little girls with bald heads and butt ruffles on their onesies.

Or around baby's collar

Or Ruffles for home decor.. 
For Toddlers you can make Rumba Pants.. that are just charming

Or add several rows of ruffles to a pre-madeT-Shirt and create a dress

For the Bedroom..  now that's a beautiful bunch of ruffles..

This is just the beginning..  Once you begin making ruffles it will be hard to stop.. 

Now how to make Ruffles the easy way.. ?  You need one of these feet for your Brother Machine.. 

It's crazy looking but ohhh..... so simple to operate 

And quick as a lick you will be producing mountains of Ruffles..
Ruffles and more ruffles..

We are going to be doing some ruffle projects here on the blog.. We will talk about the best settings for the best results.   So get your ruffler foot out.. or if you need one call the store 843-1168. The ruffler foot comes with complete directions. Or you may ask a sales assistant to show you how quick and easy it is to ruffle.. 

Now don't wait for us.. the pictures above are plenty of motivation to begin the "Ruffle - ing"  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shop Hop Exclusive Fabric.. Limited time

 Here is more news on the up coming  St Louis Metro Shop Hop. 

Available for pre-sell... you may order the St Louis Batik fabric... designed exclusively for the Shop Hop.  Here it is...

Check out the detail on the red and tan St Louis Batik. 

This fabric trio.. of  batik St Louis Print,  Batik Red and Kona Black
Are being used in the designer Shop Hop Quilt.  

You will get a block pattern at each of the 12 shops you visit.. 
12 blocks in all and the entire quilt is made from these three fabrics. 

What !  You say you would like some of the fabric but have your own design ideas for a St Louis Quilt ! Well you are invited to join in on the PRE-Sell. Come on in take.. a look and you may pre-order. 

If you have already seen the fabric in the store? but have yet to order the amount of fabric from this series you want cut and reserved especially for you.... THE TIME IS NOW.  Come on into the store and let us help you get this one time St Louis Offering.

Pre-Sell Order Now.. Don't Delay if you want some.. it won't be around for long. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 St Louis Quilt Shop Hop Details

Heyde has joined the annual St Louis Metro Shop Hop.. There are 12 wonderful quilt shops located on both the Missouri and Illinois side of the Mississippi who will welcome your visit to their shop during this event. 

Mark your calendars for the Shop Hop Dates.. March 29th, 30th, 31st and April 1st. All store hours for this week-end

  • Thursday and Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Sunday 12:00pm to 4:00pm 
This years theme is Meet Me in St Louis.  A feature of the hop is an exclusive Hoffman Batik designed with St Louis motifs. This fabric will be available at all of the "hop" shops participating. 

How it works: 
  • Visit your first shop.. and pick up a "PASSPORT" They will give your passport and stamp it.. 
  • Then over 4 days visit the remaining 11 shops.
Prizes.. yes there are a boatload of prizes including the following: 
  • A retreat to Todd Hall for you and friends 
  • Gift Certificates from Shop Hop Stores.. 
  • Sample Blocks
  • Gift Bags 
  • Notions 
  • Quilt and/or Pattern Books 
  • so many more... 

View the web site which lists all of the participating stores in this years St Louis Shop Hop... Plus additional Details about the upcoming hop.

News From Brother..

Are you thinking of a New Machine? Want to Upgrade?..
Well, we currently are offering 

Financing on selected models.
Choose...48, 36 or 24 Months Equal Pay with No interest

We will be back blogging tomorrow with this weeks book/pattern review.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sewing Project for Tuesday

Today's sewing project is quick and so easy. Some may think that it is a bit crafty, and well it might be. However the technique and result can be use for applique projects, quilt labels and more.  

So let's begin.. To Create A Piece of Notebook Paper.. 

First our supplies:  
  • White Cotton Fabric, we use a scrap 8"x6" of good muslin.(Southern Bell) 
  • A same size piece of White and Warm batting. 
  • Rayon Thread in Aqua, Rose Pink and Black
  • 1 5" square colored charm fabric. 
  • 5 inch square of fuse-ing web 
  • pinking sheers.
  • Sewing machine.. for straight stitch and built in font. 

Press the muslin and the batting. Then layer the muslin atop the batting. 
Take it to your sewing machine and using the default straight stitch and aqua blue thread in the needle  begin stitching rows from left to right.  

We used the presser foot to gauge the width of our rows. After completing each row, cut the thread and go back to the left side and complete another row.  you can make as many rows as you want... but for our purposes we are only making 10 to create our "Friends Magnet".  

After completing the rows, we thread the machine with rose pink and using the triple stretch stitch, created the column.  This was placed on the left side of the page.. just like a piece of notebook paper. 

Now.. depending on your model of Brother, choose a font stitch.  

Fill in on the screen the words you want to sew.  We choose "Sew glad we're friends" sewing "Sew glad"... first.  Then dropped down a line and programmed the words "we're friends" and sewed. 

To finish your Note Paper... for this project:  
  • Fuse webbing to the back of the charm square. 
  • Then fuse the charm square to the back of your notepaper. 
  • Then you can sew around the edges of your paper.. or do as we did and just pinked the edges.. 
  • We glued a magnet on the back.. and your done.  

Now can you imagine the possibilities?  Notepaper is everywhere, and the perfect canvas for drawing, note taking, etc.  So what fun you can have duplicating notepaper with your sewing machine quick and easy.. 

  • This would be a great quilt label background.. 
  • How about the fabric postcards.. 
  • Create a message on notepaper and applique on a quilt. 
  • Create a piece of notebook paper to be a piece of fabric for a phone caddy, laptop cover, covers for all sorts of techie toys. 
Well we hope you enjoyed seeing this project and hope that you will put the technique to use now or in the future..  

Tune into the blog tomorrow for details on the St Louis Shop hop.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Weeks Sewing Tip and New Fabric..

Today's Sewing Machine "How To" is from Jayme.

We are going to make decorative BRAID with our sewing machine. 

This type of braid can be created directly on the project.. or the decorative braid can be created on wash away stabilizer.  When you create on wash away stabilizer you can use the resulting braid for bracelets, necklaces, cord for hang tags, etc. 
The following video will give you the basics.. Let's begin: Click the Arrow in the box below. 

 OK now for additional details.  You can use many trims to create braid. 

  • Cord or heavy thread..
  • Silk Ribbons
  • Satin covered piping
  • Ribbon with a cord trim.. 
  • The sky is the limit.. try with the trims you have and see what happens. 
Materials to create braid on.. 
  • You can create your braid right on your finished project. 
  • You can create your braid on water soluble stabilizer and then wash away the backing.

  • With Ribbons or flat trim.. you do not need to tie the knot. 
  • The zig-zag stitch width is according to the size of your trims. 
  • The straight stitch length to form your braid should be increased based on the size of your trims.  up to 5.0
More Photos.. 

Have fun using your sewing machine to create Decorative Braid..

New Fabric In the Door.. 
Batman Panel and matching fabric..  You don't have to be little to love this rendition.  It's got Riddler.. the Penquin and more.
 A sampling of the fabrics from Dear Stella. 
 Red Rooster sends us hues of orange and a stripe that is certainly unique.  
Watch the Heyde Link Page on Friday for a Quilt Pattern from Red Rooster.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's New at Heyde

Now in stock from Moda..  Reunion by Sweetwater

You can see the entire line.. by opening this PDF file.
Great new designs in both pattern and color.  Ask one of our sales assistants at the store to direct you to the new " Reunion " line from Moda.. 

Up Close Viewing..  Karen has just finish another McKenna Ryan Beauty titled "Something Fishy" 

We can order any of the McKenna Ryan Patterns for you.. and you can check out all of her designs at her web site PineNeedles...
At the store we can help you with all of the supplies and fabrics needed to create a McKenna Ryan design.

If you are sewing or plan on sewing a fishing related project.. and need an appropriate backing.. Check this "casting flies" cotton out.  Ask a Sales assistant about this fabric.. Tell them you read about it on the blog. 

Hope you have a great sewing day..  
We love your comments.. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sewing Project Day.. Heart Mug Rug

We are one week from Valentine's Day 2012.  The holiday is not just for sweethearts anymore, it is also a great opportunity to share a special something with a friend.  A heart themed gift always says thanks for being in my life. 

Today our sewing project is Quick and Scrappy..but so cute and useful. 
It's A Heart Mug Rug..   We will show you how to make 2 of these.. in just 30 minutes or less. 

You will need..
  •  4 --- 5 inch pieces of fabric. We chose black and white.
  •  2-   5 inch pieces of warm and natural
  •  4    5 inch pieces of fuseable web
  •  1  - 5 inch piece of RED Felt. 
  •  red and black thread to match the fabric. 
  •  satin cord trim.. (check out your stash trim box) 
  • 5 inch square of paper to cut out your heart pattern. 

The first step is to make a sandwich..  Apply the fuseable web to both sides of the Warm and Natural. Peel off the paper from the fuseable and heat fuse the cotton fabric to each side of the warm and natural.  The sandwich is finished.. 
Using a Zig zag Stitch..  the setting we like is   4.5 x 0.9  attach the satin cord as a binding around each of the "sandwiches"
Note: we love this technique.. and the more we do it on the edges of projects the more we change it up to suit the project. This is a Carol Ann Wah technique and if you would like to know more about this process.. Check out her Video Here

Welcome back.. cool video right ?  I bet you can visualize all sorts of projects that this could be the finishing touch... 

Now it's time to cut out your heart pattern..  You remember how to do this, right?  Think back to kindergarten..  Fold your 5 inch square of paper in half and cut a 1/2 heart shape.  Pin the paper heart half to the 5 inch square of red felt.   Commercial  HERE:  Heyde has some of the best Felt.. 20 % wool 80 % rayon on the fabric clearance table.  It's still on sale.. in Black, Red and Gold. This grade of felt is perfect for sewing projects.. Add some to your stash while it's on sale. Tell the sales assistant that you read about it on the blog.. Sale through Saturday 11th 2012.. 

After cutting out your felt.. you have the material to make two toppings for your Mug Rugs.. 

 The heart object and the resulting heart space.  Place them on top of the bound fabric sandwiches...  
Sew in black thread around the heart.. Straight stitch at a 4.0 length.  On the heart space sew around the heart opening and the edges..  It is important to have matching thread in the bobbin for this step.. as it shows on the back. 

Your Done..  As fast as these go.. you could have a hand full of mug rugs to share with friends on Valentine's Day or even a couple of days before.. It's never to early to start celebrating the 0X0X0X (hugs and kisses) holiday.. 

We hope you enjoy this quick little sewing project.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Brother Sewing Machine Tip: Memory Banks?

Welcome to Sewing Tips and Hints.  Our plan is to bring you a blog post each week that is focused on a machine "did you know"  or sewing technique.

Our First topic is the Memory Banks in your Brother Computerized Sewing Machines..  Our Dixie Boatman.. recently shared this bit of knowledge about the Brother Stitch Memory Banks.. 

Machines that have the memory feature.. are "all Quattros"  The 4000 - 5000 series.. and the 2000 series.  

Why should you use the machines memory to save your stitches?  Well, a good example might be the different sizes of "blanket stitch" used in applique. You have the default size and then usually depending on the size of the pieces you are appliqueing.. you need to adjust the stitch.  Rather than make a note on paper of your size changes... YOUR BROTHER WILL KEEP TRACK FOR YOU UNTIL YOUR PROJECT IS DONE. 

Let's see how this works:

We are using the Innovis 5000 to show this feature. This screen is your stitch selection.. and we are pointing out the area where you can make the adjustments to the default size of the stitch.  Once you have sized the stitch as you like..

Press the Memory Button..  You have now stored your new stitch size in one of the 5 memory banks for that utility stitch.  

As you work on your project over time.. you can be assured that you have the correct sized stitch for your project.  You will simply go to the stitch of choice.. for us that is the blanket stitch shown here.  Then select the Retrieve
Your Memory Bank Screen pops up and you can choose your "Saved Stitch". 
And you are ready to sew.  You may also delete your saved stitches at any time.. making the memory bank ready for a new project that may require different sizes. 

This feature is such a blessing for the sewists who are working on a complex art quilt,  features of thread painting.. or an in depth applique project that requires different sizes of the same stitch. 

Check out your Brother Machine.. and try the utility stitch memory banks. The screen may look a bit different, but the words are the same.. MEMORY and RETRIEVE. 

Thanks Dixie.. for sharing with us.  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Classes for the Week Ahead.

We just wanted to give you a reminder of the classes being held this week at Heyde.  Mark your calendars.. if you are already signed up. 
If you want to get in on the fun..there is still time to sign up for classes beginning this week. 

NEW Mystery Quilt Begins Tuesday Feb 7th. Choose 11:00am or 5:30pm
This mystery quilt is developed from a love of history and nostalgia for the romance of the Old West. Starting mid 1800’s in St. Joseph, Missouri, covering 2000 Miles of the United States. Each Block has its own individual story. This year our Mystery Quilt will have 13 blocks starting February 7th No need to think about what fabrics to use your kit will be cut along with a full color pattern. If you miss the meeting we will post a instructional video with step-by-step instruction to our blog. Fabric: The collection is comprised of beautiful tone- on-tone vines and miniature checks in multiple color ways, along with toile and star prints to commemorate the mid 1800’s This quilt is a quilt to be passed down for generations to come. You will enjoy making this GREAT heirloom quilt! Join the FUN with this BOM and Sign up TODAY! Registration Fee $20.00 There are 3 options for patterns/ Fabric: Option #1 - pick up your Block each month on the 1st Tuesday of each Month at 11:00am or 5pm: Your block will cost you $15.00 each month with Fabric and Patterns. Option #2 - pay for the mystery club all at once. You will be paying for your patterns, fabric, at a one-time charge of $160.00 This GREAT discount is given with the 13th block Option #3 – Pay for patterns only $5.00 each month

Stitchers Garden begins ( First Class ) February 7th Choose 1:00pm or 6:30 pm Class.

Stitchers Garden Block of the Month: held the first Tuesday of each month. Your Choice of two classes. This class is taught by Cheryl.. This Block of the month.. will teach you to get the most from your sewing machine. You will accomplish a 85" x 93" quilt. Learn different presser feet each month, plus learn to actually utilize the some of the many decorative stitches on your sewing machine. The blocks are traditional appliqu├ęd. A series of notebook pages is designed exclusively for this project and are handed out at each class. Do you want to know more about your sewing machine and what it can do ? This class is for you. 

BES Lettering Software Class Feb 8th 10am
This class is taught by Laura.. 

If you purchased BES Software from Heyde your class is Free. If you purchased elsewhere there is a fee. This lettering program is compatible with most brands of embroidery machines and our new Embroidery Lettering Software has a user-friendly graphical interface and functionality for all skill levels. Featuring over 150 built in letters if you want to do lettering projects or monograms BES is the BEST. You will learn so much in this class as Laura takes us from the beginning and explains thoroughly. You can bring your laptop with the program installed.. and work along during class. It's OK if you do not have a laptop.. be sure to bring a NOTEBOOK to make notes during class.

Brother Sewing & Embroidery Club is open to everyone and it's FREE Thursday Feb 9th Your time choice 10:00am and 5:15pm Brother Club is the second Thursday of each month 10am and 5:15pm (you must call 314-843-1168 and register for the evening Brother Club) At Club We will show you new Techniques in sewing and embroidery, Free Embroidery designs and projects. No matter what machine you have you can learn a lot from this club! This Club features a different theme each month: · Tips on Embroidery. · How to use your machine to its maximizing use. · Stabilizing and how to questions. · Hooping techniques. · Demo on sewing feet. · New project each month from the Brother Project book. · Lining up designs and re-hooping. · Transferring designs. · Discounts during club. Demo on any new products Who can come? Any one with an embroidery machine or sewing machine. What to bring? You and your questions. (We do not actually sew at clubs)

Advanced Quilting by Machine Thursday 6:00pm- until 8:00pm This month we will Build on skills learned in the Beginning Quilting by Machine class, introduce new techniques.. Although this class is designed to build on the techniques taught in the beginning class, it’s suitable for anyone comfortable with a rotary cutter and a 1/4” seam. The techniques introduced in this class are designed to be more challenging. Call 314-843-1168 for additional details on this weeks class.

About the Serger Class: Friday February 10th Time: 4pm to 5 pm
Is your serger collecting dust. Does it intimidate you? Have you been thinking about buying a serger? Get a taste of what a serger will do for you when you come to our About the Serger lecture class and demo. You'll learn a new technique each time, with variations. Find out how much fun you can have with a serger!
The Class is led by our Linda, who is truly well versed in serger techniques. This class is a lecture, demo with an added sample making. We will have several sergers set up for attendees to create a sample swatch of each technique. Join Our "About the Serger" class by calling 846-1168.

Sweet Endings.. Class Saturday 11th. 10:00am to 12:00pm
You will learn the skill to attach a straight double fold binding to complete your quilted projects. This 3 hour sit and sew begins with cutting and preparing a double fold binding, we’ll teach you the rest so you’ll be able to complete your next project with confidence.
Call 843-1168 and register today.

The Magic Tassel Sunday 11:00am
Using the Magic Tassel / Fringe Making Tool you will make your own coordinating Heart tassels using threads and cords that exactly match your fabric. Dixie will show us how this little tool and your sewing machine will have you producing tassels quick and beautiful. You can use your charming tassels for a pillow, or that special garment, a purse enhancer, key or scissor minder. The list is endless and creating your own tassels is so exciting and artistic. You will be amazed how easy this little magic tool is to use and the creative money saving ideas tassels and fringing can be used on - even jewelry. Join us for this 90 minute class. call 843-1168

There is lots of fun and learning to be had this week-at the store.. We hope you will join us for one of the sewing events scheduled. We also invite you to join us Sunday through Friday here on the blog.  

  • Coming this week we have a great Machine "did you know" from Dixie..  
  • We have a sewing project pattern.. 
  • and we have a machine stitch project.. plus more.  
  • Of course on Fridays we post the most interesting sewing links we can find for your reading pleasure..

We always welcome your comments here on the blog. If you have any suggestions for the Heyde blog .. we welcome your ideas.