Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quilter Definitions Glossary

Cool Information:
Definitions of quilting terms, plus technique lessons on everything from rotary cutting to putting batting in a quilt.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's Happen At Heyde's Today?

Today is Demo Day at Heyde’s
11am and 4pm Specials only for today.
Last Chance to register for Candice Bag Class
Saturday April 21st. Class Fee $35

Monday, April 16, 2012

April FREE Embroidery Designs are ready!

It’s time to pick up your Free April Embroidery Designs. Just in time to make your Mother’s Day gifts.
These designs are only available until April 30th
Bring in your USB Jump Drive and we will added these designs to your collection.
Designs are only in PES Format and only saved in PE Design 8 Version
Designs are only available until April 30th.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Shop Hop Passport Winners and Shop Door Prizes

Grand Prize Winner for Todd Hall  Retreat – Francis Swaney, Wildwood MO
All 12 St. Louis Quilt Blocks pieced - Norma Silk, Clayton, MO

Heyde Sewing Machine
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Diana Mahr                                        Jean Elimon
Debby Logn                                       Diane Anglin
Kathryn Stroder                               Marylyn Simpson
Debbie McGavock                            Staryn Pedrotti
Lynda Richardson

Your Quilt Shop
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Mary Welsh                                       Ruth Spiva
Ellen Turina                                       Misty Soliben
Ann DeRuntz                                     Lynda Hendren
                                                       Karen Vehlewald

Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Tosha Matthews                                Tina Blanton
Irma Saunders                                   Anthony Barnes
Kerry Caverly                                    Marsha Pearson
Faye McMillin                                    Joyce Davenport

Sweet Annies
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Sharon McKittrick                           Lonnie Bay
Marily Seals                                       Doris Davis
Judy Kelly                                           Nancy Bradford
                                                               Debbie Prosser

Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Crystal Larimer                                 Linda Hammett
Monica Young                                    Maureen Janson
Jennifer Haring                                  Carol Garwiner
                                                               Sherri Jenkins

Helens Hen House
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Dianne Herman                                 Karen Hargadine
Sharon Mackay                                  Linda Polcyn
Cheryl Cobert                                     Paula Wegman
                                                                Mary Welsh

 Cobblestone Cupboard
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Laura Thacker                                   Michele Chester
Lynn May                                            Susan Hart
Mardie Smith                                     Hazel Davis
Bobbie Christopher                         Maureen Aurensline

In Stitches
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
M Talbott                                           Pam Meyer
Katie Dile                                           Faye McMillin
AC Horan                                           Ami Sims
                                                             Ginny Cox

Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Emily Wartick                                  Dena Oelke
Sue Diak                                             Nan Davis
Athy Britton                                      Karen Lonkamp
Judy Vogt                                           Jan Meininger
Bonnie Brown
Debbie Hames
Carol Westbrook

Patchwork Plus
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Cheryl Hause                                     Marcia Sargent
Nancy Moore                                     Connie Likena
Debra Roberts                                   Carol Womack
Vickie Fischer                                    Jan Jendusa

Quilted Garden
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Kathy Haselhorst                             Lori Johnson
Jodee Blue                                          Vicky Roeger
Jen Willis                                            Jan Gross
                                                      Diana Dalton

Quilted Fox
Door Prize                                        Gift Certificates
Marlyn Delay                                     Martha Woolever
Rose Parks                                         Pocahontas, IL
Judy Eberhart                                   Barbara Thurby
Nancy Turner                                   Carol Westbrook
Mary Surman

General Prize Winners
Debbie Swain                                     Maureen Winberg
Susan Steinkiskte                             Betty Wabgula
Sharon Schardan                              Sara Carr Jordan
Kathy Voss                                         Joyce Wise
Sharon Hendricks                            Nancy Stevens
Wendy Gergen                                  Carol Suhre
Brenda Erts                                       Molly Wigand
Trish Holy                                          Margaret Humphrey
Anne DeRuntz                                  Sue Lehr
Kent Walmack                                  Rosemary McBride
Shannon Hoffman                           Rita Nihoff
Dan Hoge                                           Cindi Hunter
Hanna Lewis                                     Lindell Richardson
Janice Baldwin                                 Carolyn Johnson
Pat Hall                                               Mona Howard
Donna Brian                                      Vi Hulsey
Marie Kuhn                                        Sherry McCrellis
Martha Herman                                Terri Thayr
Susan Houser                                    Pat Kral
Jane Kauth                                         Jennifer Harig
Kathy Monken                                  Judy Parham
Barbara Oelke                                  Madeline Tucker
Carol Mercer                                     Kitty Kitstien
Debbie Logan                                    Judy Forward
Diane Moriskai                                  Mary Kay Skanlon
Kathy Reeve                                       Maurine Harris
Barbara Bobbitt                                Karen Higginbotham
Debbie Kaiser                                    Beth Ronshausen
Nancy Davis                                       Laura Thacker
Regina Wigger                                   Linda Macho
LaVerne Meyer                                 Nancy Moore
Saundra Arft                                      Judy Kelly
Karen Henson                                   MaryBeth Moreno
Judy Eberhart                                    Julie Harris
Linda Dickson                                    Joyce Crook
Kay Davis                                            Angie Grinley
Evelyn Carlock                                  Hope Lawrence
Loretta Smith                                     Tosha Matthews
Margaret Birchette                           Jody Panula
Bobbi Christopher                            Clifdel Dowler
Gloria Hall                                           Cheryl Pinston
Barbara Wietecter

2013 Shop Hop Dates April 4, 5,6 and 7th


Celebrate the 70’s

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heyde's Shop Hop Door Prize Winners

We would like to thank all who participated in the 2011 “Meet Me in St Louis” Shop Hop.
We enjoyed seeing all the people we know and meeting all those who were new to our shop.   
Good Luck in the Grand Prize Drawing to all those who persevered and visited all 12 shops.
It is quite a feat to travel all those miles. 
Our Door Prize winners:
 Basket #1
Rotary Cutter, Mat, Best Press
Diana Mahr

             Basket #2
Mix of Rulers
Debby Logan

Basket # 3
Embellishment Kits
Kathryn Stroder

Basket #4
Moda Jelly Roll, Charm Pack & Book
Debbie McGavock

Basket #5

Sulky Blendable Threads, Sewing case, Pins

Linda Richardson