Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick Projects in the Sewing Room..

Did you spot the Fat Quarters in the Pre-Labor Day Sale Flyer at Only $ 1.00 each..  ( Check the Current Promotions Page)
Fat Quarters are where we turn when we need just bit of fabric for a project or accent..
Today we have a fun and appropriate project to complete after visiting the Heyde Fat Quarter Sale.
You will need 9 x 10 or so piece of fabric that you will fuse some stabilizer to. This piece will fit in your 5 x 7 hoop.. This project will take less than 20 minutes and will make you smile. You don't have to do anything fancy to finish it off.. a simple snip snip of pinking sheers and it's ready to hang..

This little message when placed, hung, or tucked in or near your fabric stash, will remind one why we work so hard to continue to grow our stash. 

We want to Thank Mique over at  the Thirty Days Blog for the Printable version of this sign.. We took it a step further and made an embroidery pattern in PES format.. Because we sew almost everything.

It's a mid-week sewing gift from us to you.  Here is the PES FILE..    Have fun, enjoy and make a couple extra for friends. There is nothing like signage in the sewing room..

Reasons to Visit Heyde Today.. 

  • The Sale ! Be sure and click the Current Promotions Button on the right.
  • Take your Golden Ticket Test Sew of your choice of one of the 2012 Brother Sewing Machines..
  • We would love seeing you. 
Have a great Sewing Day.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre Labor Day Sale 2011 Begins Today

Labor Day .. is a three day weekend for many.  A grand reason to carve out a stretch of uninterrupted sewing time. Finish up a project, or maybe begin a new one? What to consider? 

One of the tasks you might consider before the week-end arrives.. is to print off the Heyde Pre-Labor Day Sales Flyer and Shop Sewing Stuff Early!  Then spend your three day week-end sewing.

Click on the Current Promotions Button.. and there you will find the new Sales flyer.. with coupon. 

Now that the sewing "shopping" is planned.. what shall we sew?

Wonderful reasons to visit Heyde today. 

  • Pre-Labor Sale begins.. Don't forget to print off the flyer coupon
  • You can take your Golden Ticket Demo today.
  • Look for a new pattern or project.
  • Fat Quarters on sale... 
  • We would love to see you..
Have a great sewing day

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Project Folder Ends Friday for Red Quilt August.

Red Quilt Club Members.. we have a bonus download for you.  The Pillow project in the August Red Quilt Folder has an Embroidery center. We included a PES file in the folder so you could make that cute project without a hand embroidery. That bonus file was for the 8 x 12 hoop..  which let a few of our sewing friends out.. because their largest hoop is only 5 x 7.  Well we do not want to disappoint  so here is an additional PES file to make a smaller version.  Click here and save the small PES Broken Heart57 to your August Red Quilt Project Folder..  You will have to adjust your project size or simply center the 5 x7 in the 12 inch block. 
If you do not have the FREE August Folder.. come on into the store.. Bring your zip drive.. and while you browse a bit we will download the August Red Quilt Project Folder.. 

The New season of Project Runway has begun.. 4th week into the series.  The show here in the St Louis area is on LifeTime. Thursdays at 8pm central time  The show captures a younger audience and according to the Washington Post article.. has the younger generation heading off to sewing classes.  The article header is "Sewing is Back". There are sweepstakes and give-away contests throughout the season which you can read about on their website.. Here is a fun bit of trivia.. that Brother has released..  Brother Provides all the machines including sergers for Project Runway.. and Here is one of the Prizes to be given away at the end of the season. 
It's a Brother covered in Crystals. (Who has time to do this stuff?) We don't have the details as to how one goes about winning this sewing bling..but stay tuned !

We have a few more New Creative Grid Rulers for your review.  The following is a Side Setting Triangle.. Quilters if you have the time today, it's worth the viewing. 

Remember you can always go to the web site in the notions department.. and view all the creative grids videos. 

 Today's reasons for visiting Heyde's

  • Get your Red Quilt Project Folder.. 
  • Get your Golden Ticket Demo on a 2012 Brother Machine
  • Gift yourself a New Creative Grids Ruler 
  • Get inspired by the new Holiday Fabrics.. 
We wish you a happy sewing day and welcome your comments

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Quattro2 Owners

There are many new Quattro2 Owners in the St Louis Area This Week. We captured a few of them as they got some last minute instructions before packing their new Quattro2's for the ride home from Retreat. So many new things to learn for the new owners.. and those last week-end who upgraded their QuattroD to the NEW Quattro2.   Congratulations..

Want to know what all the Quattro2 excitment is about? 
Be sure to read about the Golden Ticket $$ Give-Away from Brother.. by clicking the Current Promotions button on the right side bar. Then come on in and learn first hand what all the raves are about.

Welcome to new readers of the Heyde Blog..  The Sew Me St Louis newsletter went out this morning on line, and through an ad.. the Heyde Blog was introduced to many St Louis Sew-Enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy your visit here.. and will drop in often. 

News You Might Use.. 
At Retreat we learned that the "hot hot" mesh currently used for trendy totes can be turned into cut-outs using the Accu-quilt.  We have "mesh" in stock in all the fashionable colors !

Reasons to visit Heyde's today..
  • Red Quilt Club Members.. pick up your Free Project Folder for the month. Bring your zip drive in for the folder download. Friday is the last day.
  • New Machine demo for your Golden Ticket $$$
  • Trunk Show from Lunchbox Quilts and Dalco Embroidery.
  • It's cool inside and we would love to see you. 
   For new visitors please Join Our Blog (right side bar) and you too can be eligible for the monthly give-aways. 
For new and current friends--- If you don't want to miss a post here, look for the "follow us by E-mail"----- register.. and we will show up in your e-mail with every post. 
We welcome your comments..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Should You Use A Serger ?

Do You have a serger you don't use?  Have you ever thought you should have a serfer? Is it the threading of a serger that keeps you away from this sewing room work horse? All these questions were answered for some of the ladies at retreat..

The longer table serger from Brother were use for mini classes, taught by Laura and Linda, where we learned how to gather, add piping, and put in a zipper with a serger.  An adorable pillow was assembled using these techniques.. and for many who did this "sit and sew" it was the perfect introduction to the sewing room serger and what it can do for you  as a sidekick of your sewing machine.
The  Brother 5234PRW  is a runway project machine. We will be looking at projects in the future that use the serger and how it benefits the average sewing project. If you would like some immediate details on a serger.. our sales staff will be happy to show you around the workings of the mighty little serger. 

New Product.. Make your own Krinkle Fabric ?  To satisfiy are fussy modes.. this product from Jenny Haskins was introduced to us at Retreat with a lovely project created by Dixie Boatman. 

You will find Krinkle Magic on the store notions wall today.. Put this on your "Check it Out" list for your next trip into Heyde's.

We invite you to stop by the store this week for:
  • A Golden Ticket Introduction to any of the 2012 New Brother Model Machines..  See the Current Promotions Button>>>
  • On going Trunk Show 
  • Best reason.. we would love to see you !

We love your comments.. it lets us know someone is out there !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Retreat 2011 Comes to a Happy Ending

Retreat, a place for fun, new friendships, education, moving out of ones comfort zone.. and sew much more. The Heyde Retreat Group 2011:

Well we want to share some of the photo moments that occurred at retreat.. and over the next few days we will be getting them on line to share with those who were not able to make it this year.

But.. We have a few things to share this morning.
One of the demos.. for a new product that is in the store is a Button Cover Gadget.. If you are up with the trendy use of covered buttons.. you will want one of these.. It's called the ITop. Watch this little video.. 

Put this one on your shopping list.  It will cover 3 sizes of buttons. 

The 2 trunk shows had all the ladies ooh-ing and aah-ing. The samples were beautiful. The trunk show samples will be hanging in the store this week. You won't want to miss this display. Seeing the real thing made up, the fabrics and stitches, are eye candy.  Begin the video for a glimpse of a Trunk Show..

Happening this week list.. 
  • Don't forget the Brother 25K Give-away. Details behind the Current Promotions Button on the Right..
  • Trunk Shows from Lunch Box Quilts and Dalco Home Sew Embroidery
  • Classes this week be sure and check the class calendar..
We welcome your comments.. or opinions here at Heyde Blog.

Friday, August 19, 2011

No Sew Boutique Gifts from Ellen Medlock

These projects created by Ellen are perfect gifts . They are perfect gifts!
These bangle bracelets can be covered with ribbons or fabric – and embellished with buttons and beads. A set of bands come in different widths – the possibilities are endless – and a great way to showcase your favorites trims….

Item #EMP403M
Same concept, smaller rings for napkins….

Item #EMP404 
What could be easier than a covered ring??? To match their bangle bracelets???

Item #EMP405A 
These little Mary Jane Coin purses are adorable – and fast!

Item #EMP705A 
If you have more time, I love these covered purses. The kit includes the form. Just cover it with glue and smooth on the fabric. It takes longer to dry than it does to make them!

Item #EMP115A 
Or choose the heart version -cute and sassy! Just big enough for your needs.

Item #EMP116B 
Matching chains can be purchased separately.
Sometimes, a class is an opportunity to set aside time to actually FINISH something – and this interchangeable bag pattern is a perfect example of that! 

Item #EMP105F

Watch New Creative Grid Ruler Videos

We have added some new videos to the Creative Grids Informational section  of our notions department. online. Don't you love to view the instructional videos on those wonderful rulers they keep creating to keep us sewing and cutting in a straight line. 
Don't Miss the  Angle Finder Binding Tool amazing!
Click here to View the Heyde Creative Grids Video Page..     

A little reminder that the Store... will be closed on Saturday !  We will all be at retreat..  So everyone will be fully qualified to show and teach the latest products from Brother. 

We ask you to check the blog this week-end for some exciting fun from Brother.. that will begin on Monday at Heyde. 

Of course we will be bringing you "Retreat Reports" over the next few days.. 
We want to thank you for checking in on our blog.. and would welcome your comments or opinions. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whimsicals Terri Degenkolb

Whimsicals/Terri Degenkolb fan – and she has earned every accolade! She is one of the few people in our industry who has an instantly recognizable style- but always manages to give each fabric line and book a fresh look. Terri’s fabric Christmas line was one of the best selling – ever – her Christmas line is in the stores now – and she has two additional patterns to support them. These patterns feature the panels from her line….

Item #WH158 

Item #WH159 

Jelly Roll Quilts and Creative Grids

Pam and Nicky Lintott, a mother/daughter duo, took the quilting world by storm when they published the first Jelly Roll Quilts book – which is still a top seller.

Item #Z2175 
They have continued this series – and the best sellers have continued. The newest book in this series features 50 blocks made from pre-cut fabrics. These blocks are set into 10 different sampler quilts – what a great basis for a block of the month program….

Item #Y3005 
Pre-order the latest addition in this series – more sampler quilts that will make you smile….

Item #WO648 
What you may not know is that Pam and Nicky Lintott are friends of Rachel Cross – whose family founded Creative Grids. They put their heads together to design the perfect ruler for these precut fabrics. This multi-triangle ruler cuts 45 and 90 degree angles – and does the math for you!

Item #CGRMS4590 
The blocks and quilts in these books have never been easier – sometimes you just need the right tools!!! The entire series (and the ruler) make an instant display when placed with all of the pre-cuts in your shop. Everything in one place is always a good thing….

Item #Z4202 

Item #Z5009 

Item #Z8568

If you Can Iron, You Can Quilt – The Perfect Beginner Quilt

We all love quilting – and are constantly looking for ways to share our love of quilting with our customers and friends. Lisa Maki has developed a technique that makes it possible for everyone to successfully create a project in an afternoon.
The secret to her process is a very light-weight iron-on interfacing. The interfacing has gridded markings (Item #821P). All you have to do is place fabric squares within the gridded markings and press with an applique pressing sheet (Item #BTD209).
Sashings can be placed and ironed between the squares. Look how effective it is in this tote bag. This is a perfect introduction class – teach your students the technique AND how to insert grommets –

Item #CHQD014 
Or, try this Simple Tote….what a great way to showcase a gorgeous panel!

Item #CNQD015
Beginners struggle with sewing that perfect “scant” 1/4″ seam allowance. With Lisa’s technique, it really doesn’t have to be perfect – the seam allowance just has to be consistent. Fold the fabric that is ironed to the interfacing – right sides together – and sew. Remember, the grid lines are marked on the interfacing so it couldn’t be any easier. As long as the seam allowance is consistent, the entire quilt will go together! It doesn’t get any easier than this!
Although this technique is great for beginners, it also is perfect for all of us when we need a quick, easy project! Check out these table runners….the perfect gifts….

Item #CNQD6 

Item #CNQD012 
The interfacing is a great stabilizer – and adds body to these projects. But this technique works for quilts as well!

Item #CNQD3 
Corner posts are possible too…..

Item #CNQD1 
Pieced blocks are also popular – and oh so doable!!!

Item #CNQD5 

Grids Machine Quilting Templates Concentric Shapes

 How to use the templates with longarm quilting systems. It is worth noting that all the templates can be used for many purposes, but they were designed to be used with longarm quilting systems, which is why they are ¼” thick.
The Concentric Shapes are extremely useful since there are multiple sizes of each shape – AND – you can use the inside edges as well as the outside edges. This is possible because every template has a small slot which provides access to the inside edges. This slot is large enough to get around the shaft of the hopping foot, but small enough that you can stitch past it and there is no visible flaw in the stitch line.
The benefit of this slot is subtle, but significant. When stitching a geometric shape, the inside edge provides far more control, making it easier to get the perfect shape. Outside edges are still very useful, especially when the shape is being used to control the machine when outlining designs like appliqué.
There are four shapes available:
Item # BDQSQ
The Circles and Squares have 11 pieces each.
Stars have 4 pieces and Hearts have 6.
Here are examples of what you can do with the Creative Grids Sweet Set Circles. Notice the consistent shape of the stitched circles. It is easy when using the inside edge of the template.

It is always a good idea to measure and mark the quilt before stitching. I use chalk because it is removed easily. The registration marks on the templates allow them to be placed accurately.

The square templates are quickly becoming one of my favorites, especially for inside borders and sashings.

Squares are stitched on point, and connected by stitching a horizontal line from one to the next.

Squares can also be overlapped, creating a gridwork, similar to crosshatching, but much easier to do.

Use one side of the template to create duplicate stitch lines. No need to mark and measure the echo lines! When using the inside of the template as the stitching guide, the corners remain sharp and pointed.

Enhance the square designs by using the Star.

Add some arcs by using just the top of the Heart.

Here is an example of a block design, created using just the heart shape template. There are hundreds of block possibilities using the Creative Grids Sweet Set concentric shapes individually or in combinations.
Use concentric shapes when doing detailing around appliqué. Choose a template that matches the curvature of the appliqué, and use either the inside or outside edge.

I especially like using the Heart shapes for outlining appliqué because they have both a straight edge and a curved edge.

Plus, the top of the heart fits the hopping foot perfectly, so the template can be used to guide the machine for excellent control.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Quilt Club August Projects

Members of the Red Quilt Club your projects in the August folder are a Fullsized Quilt titled Love in A Whirl. A Small Quilt called Mended Heart..   and a bonus pattern this month a Mended Heart Pillow..  Your folder of projects has complete instructions for piecing and finishing. 

These designs are fun and easy to piece.  If you take away the red.. your possibilities are endless. That is what we are trying to do each month is to offer possibilities.. We follow the basic instructions and change it up a bit. 

First the full sized Love in a Whirl..  This quilt is created with a 12 inch whirling arrow block.  It is an adaptation of the Winged Arrow Block, making it easier to piece using the Flying Geese units. 
We created a sample of one block.. and turned it into a  table throw centerpiece.

The block and all it sharp points provide a nice background for the center flower and lovely leaves. The flower is a simple gathered fabric and twist floral. The leaves were created using the Anita Goode Vintage Free-Standing Leaves.  The leaves were a design pack from last year..  and you may have missed it on the release.. as the samples were done in lace. These leaves done with Batiks are outstanding.

The Mended Heart Wall Quilt has been re-made into a Halloween Banner.. 

Following the piecing instructions we just substituted Fall Colors, a Holiday Quilting Design.. and again those Anita Goode Vintage Free-Standing Leaves mini collection.
You could use any Halloween Embroidery design for the accents on this project. We used the Holiday Quilting designs from Anita Goode.  We have some enhancements available for you if you already have this pattern packet. 

The real fun and beauty of this project is that it can be embellished with any holiday decoration.. Using the center, and corners for designs.  It's a quick piecing project. 

There will be more tomorrow.. on the bonus project in your free Red Quilt Club Member folder.  Be sure to bring in your flash/zip drive to get all the Free August Projects..
Visit tomorrows blog.. 

  • for more on the Red Quilt Project for August.. 
  • It's Sew Easy
  • More about this months Give-Away.