Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Demo Day..

Well..  it's Demo Day again.  Here is how it works.. 

There will be several new notions.. or new projects demonstrated in a show and tell situation.  It does not go on all day...  

  • The first session is this morning from 11:00am to NOON.
  • The exact same session runs from 4:00pm to 5:00pm this afternoon. 
Enjoy the DEMO show and browse the last minute gift ideas. 

Don't forget the Heyde Gift cards..  Purchase on line or in the store. 

Holiday Hours

Heyde Sewing Machine Co.  
wishes you all the best
for this holiday season!
To celebrate the holidays we will be closed
Early Saturday at 1pm, Sunday 25th and Monday, December 26, 2011
Early Saturday December 31 at 1pm Sunday January 1st 2012.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's a Sunday Get R Done..

From 11:00am to 3:00pm we have the class area open to customer to work on projects.  You can come in an visit to see what others are working on. If you need a machine, call 843-1168 and we will have one ready for you at the Get-r-Done session. 

Have you used the Heady Font in the Free Embroidery Club Folder this month? 

It's perfect for creating letters.. which can become holiday greetings. Simply put cut-away stabilizer in the hoop..  then choose the letters you need. Create the placement stitch, then the fabric tack down stitch, then fire away with the satin applique stitch..   There you have it- 3 inch letters to create Christmas Greetings on wreaths, banners, or what ever needs a holiday touch.

Subway Xmas 3 Bonus.. 

In the store.. we had 3 samples of SubArt for Holiday Napkins..  It seems only 2 got in the folder..   So here is the missing PES file for the SubWay Xmas3 Napkin. Click to download

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Anti Has Gone Up At The Clearance Table

We are taking inventory.. and adding to the Clearance Table every day... 

Stop by this week-end and check out the Clearance Table...
Plus the Christmas Sale Continues..  Click here for Details..

The following is a project digitized by our Laura.. and included in the FREE December Embroidery Club Folder..  It's really lovely.. it could be used as the center of the Red Quilt Sampler this month.. 

Be sure to bring in your stick..  

Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Quilt Club for December..

We know many are following and enjoying the Red Quilt Customer Appreciation Project each month. Every month you receive one full size quilt pattern with complete instructions and one small quilt pattern (wall hanging  or lap size). 
Decembers offering is the sixth full sized project in the Red Quilt series.. This one is a beauty for Flying Geese Fans.. 

It is called " Love be a Lady " and is based on the classic Lady of the Lake block.  The finished quilt is 87 x 87 inches. Please remember the color renditions are simply samples and your quilt can be constructed in your color palette. 

 The central block in this months wall quilt "Sweethearts Forever" features an original redwork pattern from the 1890s surrounded by colorful borders and Schoolgirl’s Puzzle blocks.The size when completed is 36 x 36 inches.  Remember you get complete instructions and cutting guides for each quilt.

Also included in this months folder is a how to guide for creating the "hand embroidery" featured in the center of this and all of the sampler quilts.

Also included in the December Red Quilt Folder .. is a PES file for the Sweethearts Forever Embroidery. 

The Free Red Quilt Club December Folder is Available for download now.. bring in your stick and while you browse.. we will put it on your stick.  We know it's a busy month.. so you have until December 31st to come into the store to pick up the FREE Red Quilt Project Folder for December.   

Reasons to visit Heyde: 

  • The Christmas Sale.. through the the 24th..
  • Remember the December FREE Embroidery Club is also available Bring in your stick.. and while you shop we will download both the Red Quilt and Embroidery Club
  • We would love to  see you. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sewing Room Accessories..

Sometimes we like to call your attention to some fun projects on the web for you to consider. If you find something you would like to remember .. simply bookmark it in a "Project To Do Folder" on your Favorites..

For instance the latest Sew4Home projects to organize or brighten your sewing room. Like this task basket..

Get complete directions for this and several other projects..
Check out these links.
Make the Task Basket Instructions
Make a New Ironing Board Cover Instructions
Make a New Ironing Board Task Caddy

A couple of yards of fabric, a few hours with your sewing machine and you have some pretty spiffy helpers for your sewing room. 


December's Free Embroidery Download from Brother.. 

If you haven't saved it to your zip drive as yet.. Here is the Link 
Kinda  Cute!


We still have a great inventory of machines.. if you were thinking of upgrading   yours as a Christmas Present to YOU !  Savings Galore.

If you have some sewing family and friends that are still on your Christmas Gift shopping list remember we have Heyde Gift Cards.. Click here for on line shopping.. or come into the store and purchase one or more. 

We would love to see you.. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Toys For Tots Drive Was A Huge Success!

Thank's to everyone that made our “Toys for Tots” drive a huge success this year with a lot of awesome toys for the kids

Click the Start Arrow to listen to the KTRS Interview.. 

Interview with Steve Cochran during the KTRS Toy Drive.

Can You Bear to Think About a Picnic..

This little gem introduced at market several weeks ago.. is just begging to be an after Christmas Project.

Click Photo to enlarge..

This design is 60 x 60 .. the perfect size for a picnic on the ground or over a park table.  It's a Lunch Box Quilt design.. so it is easy and features machine applique.  Seven mouth watering food appliques plus an ant applique for humor. Not feeling the ant humor?  leave them off.  There is one additional applique and that is of the Extra Crispy Chicken Leg. So you get one pattern for regular chicken and one for Extra Crispy. Is this too cute ? 

There are also instructions for making a table runner 24 x 48. 

This so so gift worthy.. Presenting a small quilt as this to a family.. maybe even embroidery their name on it.. what a wonderful family Heirloom. Even if it takes some wear and tear, that's what this kind of Keepsake is all about. A Picnic Quilt filled with memories for many years to come. 

Don't forget your label on the back to remind the recipient that you wish a life time of picnics for their family.

This pattern is in stock.  We leave you with these thoughts.. " It's never to soon to begin your after Christmas "To Do List" 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sewing Stocking Stuffers..

Featured in our Christmas Sale Brochure.. these adorable little  Stork Scissors  

Come on in to the store today.. and view all of our gift ideas for sewing family and friends.. 

Don't forget we also have the Heyde Gift Card...  Send this link to folks who aren't sure what you need.. Copy and paste the link below in an E-mail.  

Think of all the fun you will have shopping after the holidays with a Heyde Gift Card.

It's Sunday and our Hours are 11:00am until 4:00pm
We would love to see you. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowflake Template !

We know there are many who for one reason or another do not have a Brother Embroidery Machine. 
And the "Angelina"  Snowflakes are just irresistible this year for holiday embellishment.. 

So just for you... Well actually for everyone.. Here is a template of  4 Applique Snowflakes.. that match the ones on the December Embroidery Club. 

  1. Just trace around them..
  2. Place the template on the Angelina sheet.. 
  3. Cut out.. 
  4. And then using your choice of Applique Stitch attach them to everything.  

    Here is the PDF File...  
Be sure and check out the Current Promotions for the Holiday Sale.. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We were on Great Day St Louis !

Our Christmas Sale is underway... for you shopping enjoyment, or maybe you need to purchase some gifts for sewing family and friends.  These are just in.. they are Tape measures.. Called Metro Zoo.  Retail $10.00.. But during the Christmas Sale.. just $ 2.99.  Nice little Package topper.. 

Did you see us???   Well in case you didn't here is the clip that was shown on Thanksgiving Day..  Just click the arrow to begin the video. 

Visit Heyde today.. 

  • The Christmas Sale is in full swing. Click for Current Promotions.
  • Bring your stick in to pick up the FREE Christmas Embroidery Club Folder. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Fun With the December Embroidery Club Folder..

This sample is a mug rug .. or coffee table coaster.  It is embellished with 3 of the 4 snowflakes in this months Free December Embroidery Club Folder. 

This is an embellished sweat shirt for the holidays. You simply sew the applique embroidery letters on a cut away stabilizer.  Use the "Angelina" as your fabric.   

This set of letters.. is a font called Heady..  It is 3 inches tall. All letters sew perfectly in the 4 inch hoop. 

You will use Heady Applique Letter Set often.. for lettering on clothes, decorative banners and so much more.  It will be your go to lettering for the big impression.  And you can only get it at Heyde. 

Bring your stick in and while you shop the current Christmas Sale.. we will download the December Embroidery Club Folder.
Be sure to check the Current Promotions Page.. here on the blog. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Toys for Tots ..

It's the final days for your chance to participate in this remarkable program.. that places toys where they need to be during this holiday season.  There will be so many more children with smiles on their faces this Christmas.. if you join Heyde/KRTS 550am in our Toys for Tots Drive.. 
So here is the deal.. 

  • Bring in a New Toy .. UNwrapped  On Monday Dec 5th or Tuesday December 6th
  • And you can choose any amount of FAT QUARTERS for only $ 1.00 each. 
We  invite you to enjoy the first of many feel good moments.. this holiday season and bring a new toy into the store.  You can rest assured you will be responsible for a child's smile on Christmas morning this year.  

This is such a wonderful program and Heyde/550AM KRTS is proud to be a friendly drop off spot for the St Louis Toys for Tots.  We want to Thank You all in advance.. for this last minute push to help make many smiles.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Samples of Embroidery Club Fun..

These adorable little Mitten Ornaments.. designed and digitized by Laura are cute and quick as can be.. Tuck a Candy Cane in each mitten for a cute sweet treat hanging from your tree. This is a "In The Hoop Project".
You will find the PES file.. and "how to" pictures in the FREE December Embroidery Club Folder..

Thanks Laura.. for a great design and super clear instructions..

We have more projects up coming using the files from the FREE December Embroidery Club Folder.  Remember to bring in your stick this month.. and while you are browsing we will download these files for you... 

It's the last day of the "Black Friday Deals" Sale..  We are open from 11:00am until 4:00. 
We would love to see you.. 

  • We have  "white hemstitched napkins" in stock.. perfect for creating your holiday napkins with Subway Art.. 2 Christmas and 1 New Years..( in December Embroidery Folder) 
  • Holiday Gift Cards.. are available on line and in the Store. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thread of the Season..

It's time for Metallic.. and we carry the best for our customers.. 
Robinson Anton...

  • Highest grade of metallic thread available.
  • Designed for embroidery, embellishment, and all other decorative applications.
  • Runs exceptionally well with all embroidery threads on all embroidery machines.

It's the season for shine.. and our Thread Sale.. happening through Sunday. will help build your stash of Bling.   Thread  Sale is buy 2 get one FREE.. 

 Shopping this week-end at Heyde ?

  •  Mention that you saw the article about "Angelina" on the Heyde Blog.. and get 20% off your "Angelina" Purchase.
  • Bring in your Stick.. for the download of The December Embroidery PES files Folder. 
  • It the last 2 days for the "12 Days of Black Friday Deals"  Sale.  See the current promotions page

Embroidery PES December Folder includes:. 

  1. There is 4 snowflake applique files in the December Folder..
  2.  Plus 2 Applique Font Sets.. one 3 inch and one 4 inch.  Perfect for Whimiscal Holiday Lettering
  3. A Great Ornament of Mittens sewn in the hoop and designed by our Laura.. 
  4. A quaint redwork piece also digitized by Laura.. that holiday and sewing in a lovely filled jar with a pin cushion top.  Nice 
  5. 3 Pieces of Subway Art for Holiday Napkins.. 2 Christmas and 1 New Years.
  6. "Believe" lettering to fit the 5 x 7 frame.. 
  7. Santa Face.. Believe for Small decorating. 
More Subway Art.. 
 Christmas Napkins for the Dinner table hosting the little kidoes.. 

Come on by the Store this week-end and pick up your Free December Embroidery Folder ready for download.   

Friday, December 2, 2011

Congratulations Dixie Boatman

Our Dixie has graduated from the Jenny Haskins 2011 Academy and we are just so proud for her.. 
It has been a year of studying and learning "Jenny's" technique and style but Dixie has passed.. and now is available for the Heyde Classroom as an accredited tutor for Jenny Haskins.  

This is just one of the projects Dixie created during her studies.. Click here to view her gallery of projects.  

Jenny Haskins projects and patterns have always been very popular in the studio.. In fact right now we have the "Vintage Garden" Class BOM on going.

It will be so nice to have in house... an understudy of Jenny and Simon for upcoming classes, demos and more. 

Congratulations Again Dixie.. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angelina in Stock..

A snapshot from Jamye our in store reporter..  The Angelina has arrived.. 
Just in time for to create glitter for the holidays.. We have a stock of holiday and fall colors of Angelina.. 

We are just a few days away from the Release of the December Embroidery Club folder.. and we can tell you it has some Applique snowflakes that are perfect for the "Angelina Treatment"

Did you miss the video on how to work with Angelina?   Click here to visit the Embellishment Village site and view the video.. on how to use Angelina for Appliques..

A note on Yesterdays Post..Regarding Edyta Sitar's new book " Reasons for Quilts"   It is in the store now and it is truly Eye Candy for those who are interested in Scrappy Quilts.  This book has nine complete patterns and instructions on a CD.  Some of her first books like "Hop to It" explain her personal method of fabric selection when creating a scrappy quilt.  Like the collection of 10.. and her rule of 5.   She also is a big fan of strip swapping parties with friends and family.  

So do any of you.. have an interest in scrappy quilts ?  Leave a comment here.

Saturday we have a class on Krinkle Magic.. led by Dixie Boatman.  We are sure that Dixie will have all sorts of ideas for projects using this unique product. Call to attend this class - 843-1168

Stop by Heyde today.. we would love to see you.  Sales still going on.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Edyta Sitar -- More About a Piecework Designer.

Do you ever want to know a bit more about the background of a quilt designer?  or--- do we just look at a pattern and say "that's the quilt I want to make". 

We have the latest book coming in.. from Edyta Sitar.  She lives in Michigan and offers classes and lectures through out the midwest.  There were several things that caught out attention in her latest book.. and we though we might see what else she has written or spoke about.. that might interest Heyde customers.. 

So here goes..

Her Newest book.. released September 2011..  are in the store.. NOW. 

We found a video of her on the Quilt Show which is playing for FREE until the end of the month.. Here is the web address.    The show runs about 1 hour.. but you can watch only the segments with Edyta in if you would like.  This video is only FREE for the next few days.  We personally loved the segment on scrappy strip exchanges.. and her tips on perfect triangles.  She also talks about anchor colors which perfects a scrappy quilt. 

In our search for knowledge about Edyta.. we found a very cute video segment about a tote she designed.  We are sharing the video and the instructions to create this very quaint and amusing tote. 

Click Here for the pattern for the tote featured in the above video..  For those on follow by Email.. you can log into the blog to see the video.

Here is the PDF file with the picture and complete instructions on how to make Edyta's Special tote bag.. 

Now Edyta is not all about piecework.. for we found a great sample of her applique embroidery.. which is yours with a simple download. 

You can find the embroidery file download from her web site.. Click  to visit Edyta's Free Page

It's interesting to get to know a bit about the quilt designers that create the patterns we sew. Many seem to have a special and unique way of putting together their designs plus choosing and arranging their colors even for a scrappy quilt.
If you would like the newest book Edyta Sitar.. call the store and reserve a copy.. 846-1168

This Thursday is the Club house quilt meeting..  check the calendar for times.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Embroidery Club Project November

Let's make a project..  A Personalized Magnetic Note Paper Hanger..
You need.. Your November FREE Embroidery Club Folder. 
Embroidery Machine
Scraps of Fabric
Scrap of Stabilizer. 
A small notebook.. that flips from the top. 

A Personalized Magnetic Note Paper Hanger..

Place heavy cut away stabilizer in the 4 x 4 hoop and sew session 1 for the fabric placement stitch
 Lay fabric over the placement stitch and sew the tack down session.
 Next, sew the Monogram..
 The next session is the fabric tack down stitch for the back of your note pad holder. Remove the hoop from the machine. Apply stick glue to the corners of the fabric back. 

 Attach to the cut-away stabilizer on the back side of the hoop.  ( The sewing lines will help you determine placement. 
 Place the hoop back in the machine and stitch out the next session, which is the surround satin stitich.
 Next open the slots.. with a very thin sharp scissors.
 The carefully trim around the edge, making sure not to cut into the satin stitches.
 Attach a magnet to the back of the holder using a fabric glue. We used Fabric Tac.
 Now it time to place a tablet into the holder.. These tablets are found at drugs stores, office supplies and some dollar stores. 
 The back and front of the tablet slide into the two slots..
And your Personalized List Holder is ready to hang.. where you can find it.. There are PES files in the November Folder for the entire alphabet.. and also a plain one which you can add your own creative touches. 
These are quick to make.. welcome little gifts to hand out.
Quick to sew.. they would make unique tags for gift boxes.. just write the recipients name on the first page of the tablet.. and you have two presents.

We will be covering some additional projects in the November Embroidery Club  Folder soon. 

The Brother Machine Deals for Black Friday.. have been extended. Come on into the store.. Check out the Current Promotions..

Do you have a wish list from Heyde....???  Then ask your special somebody to give you a Heyde Gift Card.  Send them the link to our shopping page.

Monday, November 28, 2011

12 Projects of Christmas Gifts..

There are so many gift projects to create from your sewing room. We thought we might share some ideas found on the net. Project Pictures and instructions. 

Each project and it instructions can be found on the follow web sites.. 

Friday, October 14- me (Jennifer/ Ellison Lane Quilts)/placemats
Saturday, October 15- Ayumi/Pink Penguin/fabric baskets
Sunday, October 16- Amy/ Lots of Pink Here/needle book
Monday, October 17- Faith/Fresh Lemons Quilts/iPad case
Tuesday, October 18- Penny/Sew Take a Hike/trivet
Wednesday, October 19- Kati/From the Blue Chair/table runner
Thursday, October 20- Lee/Freshly Pieced/lego playmat
Friday, October 21- Elizabeth/Don't Call Me Betsy/tote bag
Saturday, October 22- Melanie/Texas Freckles/ruffle clutch
Sunday, October 23- Lindsay/Craft Buds/patchwork scarf
Monday, October 24- Amanda/A Crafty Fox/lunch bag
Tuesday, October 25-Vanessa/Little Big Girl Studio/wallet organizer
We have some favorites from this list... including the little fabric baskets from Pink Penguin. 
Of course if your need some supplies for any or all of these projects.. head on into Heyde this Monday.. for the 12 Days of Black Friday Deals.. 
Visit Heyde today because.. 
  • Free Downloads for the RED Quilt Project for NOVEMBER.. and FREE Embroidery Club..
  • Black Friday Deals still going on.. 
  • Pick up some fabric for the projects included in the blog post.. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Holiday Sewing Season..

It's the time of year.. when those intensive time consuming sewing projects take a back seat.. while we look for projects worthy of gift giving that can be accomplished "fast" and look like they took forever. 

The store has some of quick-sew projects on display for seasonal decorating. Plus remember we are in the midst of the 12 days of BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.. 
Lots of notions and fabric selections that make great gifts for those in your family that sew.. 

Of course we have the Heyde Gift Cards.. that make great gifts for Heyde Customers.  So if you have family or friends that would like to make your Christmas Merry and Bright.. send them to this page for a Heyde Gift Card.

If you have not been in the store this month.. be sure and visit to pick up your FREE Red quilt Folder for November.. and the FREE embroidery club for November.  
Later today we will have step by step of a project from the embroidery club folder on the blog. It's a Magnetic Note Pad Holder.. designed for the 4 x 4 hoop.  Stay Tuned.   

You won't miss a post if you are signed up to this blog.. in the "follow by E-mail"  box.  Join us for the Holiday Sewing Season.. that begins Today. 

Visit Heyde today..  we would love to see you. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some Instructional Videos..!

Don't we love those videos that send us so much information in quick little sound bits..  !!
Here are a few that review some of the things we found at Market..

The Wonder Clip.. they are in the store..

Laundry Basket Quilts.. This is a brand new instruction book with CD.. 

Karen has a few on order..  If you would like one please call the store and reserve a copy.  843-1168

Follow the blog this week for some tutorials on the Heyde Embroidery Club Projects for November. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Get r Done Day.. Plus a Free Pattern

There are new fabrics arriving daily..  So the next time you are in the store.. be sure to take a look for the newest for holiday sewing.. 

Here is what's in from Lake House.. 
and of course there are some accent fabrics available to go with these cuties.. 

How about this FREE Cute Holiday Stocking Pattern.. 
This pattern is a free download.. from Marcus.  Click Here for the PDF File
We love the heel and toe accents.. The pattern is a simple stocking and while theirs is made from flannel.. we can think of some " in stock " cottons that would sew up just great.  

Reminder.. Sunday is Get-- r --done Day.. 
Bring all the projects and sew all day for $5.00 Join in on the fun! Call to reserve a Sewing Machine 842-1168

Stop by Heyde and then get ready for a week-end of sewing..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A video.. and Toys for Tots Begins at the Store.

The sewing days are simply flying by..  Demo Day was very informative yesterday as new products and some old were shown.  For those who did not get to attend Demo Day.. here is a little insight !

This is not New.. but soooo very interesting !  Do you remember the Prairie Points Ruler that created those little "points"  lighting fast?  Well that same quick thinker... has designed a ruler that makes a scalloped edge in the same manner. 
Click here for some very interesting videos on these rulers..   

The Angelina..  is a "shred" but when pressed turns into a swatch of polyester fabric.. is a fascinating bit of "bling" for your holiday sewing. 

Here are some videos on the Angelina... from Embellishment Village just Click a Link and Enjoy.. 

It's Toys For Tots Time at the Store..
we are now accepting toys for tots in conjunction with  550am KTRS

This is an important holiday donation.. especially during the financial turmoil that some families are enduring this year..  
Bring in a New Un-Wrapped TOY  beginning today.. and Heyde will give you 20% off your total purchase.. NOTE This discount offer excludes repairs, parts, & classes
The Season of Giving has begun.. and we want to give to you.. for your generosity in helping the "kiddos" this year.

Let the sewing for the day begin..  and if you have some time come on into the store today because: 

  • you need to pick up the FREE Red Quilt November Folder. 
  • You have to have one of those new rules.. 
  • The Angelina is in stock ! 
  • There are new Bali Pops from Hoffman. hard to resist those new colors.
  • We would love to see you..