Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's September 15th.. Red Quilt Club Begins..

It's time.. Red Quilt  Club Members.  Septembers Quilt patterns will not disappoint.  The full sized quilt is called Love Letters.. The pattern is a slight modification of the traditional "Letter L Block"  It's easy to piece and also provides, those who love to add  Machine Embroidery at every chance.. room to do just that.
Here is what the basic Red Quilt for September is all about.  First instructions and patterns for the full sized quilt, and the  31 1/2 " wall quilt called Hearts All Around..  The hearts in the embroidery design replace the normal flowers that are typically shown in the traditional pattern.  

Heyde customers.. in your Red Quilt Folder this month YOU Get:  All the patterns above.. plus.

  • Free Pes files for  a large and small butterfly.  
  • 2 sizes of the Hearts All Around Embroidery Pes files  so you can do these designs by machine.  The large "Hearts All Around" pes requires the large hoop, the small one can be sewn out on the 5 x7 hoop.  
Our colors might be a bit Bright, but we think perfect for a veranda lap quilt on a crisp fall day. 
SO.. put your zip drive in your purse.. and come on in to the store to see the September samples, and browse a bit at the new fabrics/patterns just in, while we download this months RED QUILT SEPTEMBER FOLDER for you..   Red Quilt Club runs for 10 days, from the 15th til the 25th of each month. 
We love doing extra things for you, and we truly appreciate your business. 

Reasons to visit Heyde today.. 

  • Red Quilt Club begins today...  Don't forget  zip drives
  • Take that Golden Ticket Test Drive on a 2012 Brother Machine.. The Golden Ticket drawings begin in October.. 25 thousand in prizes.
  • We would love to see you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AG..Embroidery Designs! Gigantic Savings..

Of course you are familiar with Anita Goodesign.  You know that there is a Diamond Club..where you get  new releases each month.  Now a Platinum Club Option. Well you just have to read all about it. You can click the picture to enlarge.
If you love.. machine embroidery designs. you are probably thinking can it get any better? 
Of course because.. Heyde is giving you 30% off these incredible club prices,

Today is BES lettering software class with Laura..  You are invited to attend and see what all the excitement is about in this FREE class if you own BES Lettering software, or if you are thinking of purchasing BES.   Class begins at 10:00am. Bring a notebook... or better bring you laptop with BES installed. 

We have a FREE BES designed project that we will be sharing on Saturday and Sunday here on the blog.  Yes a useful PES file that will be personalized just for you... More details to follow !  But be sure not to miss Saturdays post on the blog. 

Reasons to Visit Heyde today

  • BES class at 10:00am 
  • Check out the special on Anita Goodesign Embroidery Clubs.. Join Today ! 
  • We really would love to see you.. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage Garden BOM Club begins !

Here is a project that many Heyde friends have been waiting to begin. It's Vintage Garden by Jenny Haskins..

This block of the month club begins on Tuesday September 20th.. The Morning Club Meeting meets at 11:00 .. the Happy Hour Club gathers at 5:00pm

The Morning Club will be led by Carla. She has sewn this Jenny Haskins beauty using the Book instructions and patterns. If you attend the morning class of Vintage Garden with Carla your machine to accomplish the Club/Class will be the Duetta 4500, Laura Ashley, Quattro, Quattro 2. 

Isn't it a beauty.. Of course the photo does not do the quilt justice. The soft coral hues and sea foams are simply stunning. Well we won't digress.. you need to come in and look for yourself.. 

If it's your choice to attend the Happy Hour Club/Class at 5:00pm of Vintage Garden.. your Project Guides.. will be Susan and Karen. This class will be instructed with Susan's PE Magic..  For those of you that have been through the "Latte" you know how helpful (at times lifesaving) SPM (Susan's PE Magic) can be.  To the point.. you will have to have a Quattro.. with the camera action to follow along with the Vintage Garden Happy Hour 5:00pm Class/Club.
Which ever class/club time you choose.. we will help you enjoy your accomplishment of this beautiful project over the next 12 months. Call a friend to join you and make the 3rd Tuesday of each month a date to create a Vintage Garden! Block of the Months are a wonderful friendship sewing activity.

Is There Still Time to Sign Up for Vintage Garden Club/Class? You bet! 
Come in this week-end. You can sign up , make your color choices, and view this quilt up close and personal. 
Call.. 843-1168 if you need additional details ! 

Watch the blog and mark your calendar as we introduce new classes all month.

Reasons to visit Heyde today 

  • Ask and check out the NEW Cabo Bucket Bag.. (we will be blogging about it tomorrow)
  • Take that Golden Ticket Test Drive on a New 2012 Brother sewing Machine of your choice. There's 25k up for grabs.. 
  • New Moda Fabrics in.. at the front of the store. 
  • Sign up for Vintage Garden Block of the Month Club
  • We would love to see you..

Friday, September 9, 2011

What's New !

If you missed Brother Club on Thursday.. We have a few things to share.
Make a ZIPPER.  This is too Cool. 
We have them in the store in Black and White. If you need a different color ask at the desk and we will make that happen by ordering for you..  You make the size zipper you want.  12 zipper pulls and 3 yards of zipper.. What a Zip Trip.

Dr Suess Christmas Fabric has arrived..

Can you just imagine all the fun projects to be planned for Christmas? You can see the whole Grinch assortment at the Robert Kaufman site.. Click here..

Friday.. September 9th is the 2nd Latte.. Summer School Make Up Day.  But we understand that there is another one planned in the very near future. So call the store and get the details... time, date and so on.. and put your name on the Latte Make Up Day list. 843-1168.  Let's get those Lattes done ! 

The Dalco Trunk show has only a few days left.. If you want to view all the beautiful samples.. this week-end would be a good time to drop by. 

It's a good day to visit Heyde.. because:

  • Cheer on the Latte Workers in the classroom
  • Grab some of the Dr Suess Fabric before it's a Christmas Memory.
  • A must have "Make a Zipper" choose black or white.. or one of each. !
  • We would love to see you.. 

Let the Fall Sewing Season Begin.. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

3D Hoffman Fabric Is In !

Have you heard.. A must see.  It's 3D Fabric. Oh it looks like regular fabric.. until you pop on a pair of the special 3D glasses and WOW. 

This is a must see.. Bright, Bold and 3D.  At the front of the Store..

Please don't forget that today is Brother Club..  Catch the matinee club.. @ 2:00pm or the Happy Hour Club @ 5:15..   Always lots to learn and see at Brother Club. 

Reasons to Visit Heyde Today. 
  • It's Brother Club Day..
  • Brand New Fabric Has Arrived
  • We would love to see you..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are you Needle-ing your Brother Correctly?

The topic of today's blog post is needles?  How often should we change needles?  What size needles should we be using for any given project?
Recently the sew 4 home blog had an interesting blog post on needles.. Click here to give it a view. 

But we also found this very interesting Guide (clickhere) from Schmetz that is the most informative brochure about sewing machine needles. You can save this brochure to your computer or print it out. 

Often times when we have stitch problems.. you might look to the needle first to solve the issue... 

Reasons to visit Heyde today..

  • To attend the Latte Class/Club .. at 6:00PM
  • Check and add to your needed needle supplies
  • Take that Golden Ticket Test Drive on a New 2012 Brother Sewing Machine of your choice. 
  • Because we would love to see you..
  • Because your have some suggestions for fall classes you would like us to consider.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Brother.. Gives Free Embroidery File

A new day and more sewing to talk about. 
Let's check out the FREE Brother Design Page.. Where a new embroidery design is offered every month.. Click the Here to see and download Free designs from Brother. This little guy is at the bottom of the page.. 

Did you know.. that Heyde has a Fabric Card... Do you have yours? 
Each time you purchase 1 yd of fabric, you receive a  stamp on your card.. 12 stamps and you get one yard free. This is not just for National Sewing Month.. The Heyde sewing card is a year round perk!

Have you Met Havels Scissors?
We have the curved blade in stock.. and it is the perfect scissors for applique. The soft grip is really a comfort when you are looking forward to a day of sew and cut. We love this scissors and bet you will too! 

Use Havel’s When You Need to “Cut it Close.”

A big Thank You.. 
We want to thank everyone who participated in the blog yesterday by creating a comment. There were lots of right answers ! We are also still learning what we can and can't do on the Heyde Blog. We responded to all who made a comment with the Folder of FREE FONT Files.  If you made a comment anonymously.. and did not send a followup E-mail there was not a way to send you the Font File. Please if you made a comment on the blog yesterday and did not get the Font file.. contact us at and place "I made a comment" in the header.

Reasons to visit Heyde today..

  • The Pre-Labor Day Sale be sure to click Current Promotions for your sales flyer. 
  • The Golden Ticket Demo of the Brother 2012 New Sewing Machines. 
  • New Fabric arrived yesterday..
  • Check out those Havel Scissors  
  • We would love to see you. 
Have a great day sewing