Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's a Sunday Get R Done..

From 11:00am to 3:00pm we have the class area open to customer to work on projects.  You can come in an visit to see what others are working on. If you need a machine, call 843-1168 and we will have one ready for you at the Get-r-Done session. 

Have you used the Heady Font in the Free Embroidery Club Folder this month? 

It's perfect for creating letters.. which can become holiday greetings. Simply put cut-away stabilizer in the hoop..  then choose the letters you need. Create the placement stitch, then the fabric tack down stitch, then fire away with the satin applique stitch..   There you have it- 3 inch letters to create Christmas Greetings on wreaths, banners, or what ever needs a holiday touch.

Subway Xmas 3 Bonus.. 

In the store.. we had 3 samples of SubArt for Holiday Napkins..  It seems only 2 got in the folder..   So here is the missing PES file for the SubWay Xmas3 Napkin. Click to download

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