Monday, December 12, 2011

Can You Bear to Think About a Picnic..

This little gem introduced at market several weeks ago.. is just begging to be an after Christmas Project.

Click Photo to enlarge..

This design is 60 x 60 .. the perfect size for a picnic on the ground or over a park table.  It's a Lunch Box Quilt design.. so it is easy and features machine applique.  Seven mouth watering food appliques plus an ant applique for humor. Not feeling the ant humor?  leave them off.  There is one additional applique and that is of the Extra Crispy Chicken Leg. So you get one pattern for regular chicken and one for Extra Crispy. Is this too cute ? 

There are also instructions for making a table runner 24 x 48. 

This so so gift worthy.. Presenting a small quilt as this to a family.. maybe even embroidery their name on it.. what a wonderful family Heirloom. Even if it takes some wear and tear, that's what this kind of Keepsake is all about. A Picnic Quilt filled with memories for many years to come. 

Don't forget your label on the back to remind the recipient that you wish a life time of picnics for their family.

This pattern is in stock.  We leave you with these thoughts.. " It's never to soon to begin your after Christmas "To Do List" 

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