Monday, February 13, 2012

The Weeks Sewing Tip and New Fabric..

Today's Sewing Machine "How To" is from Jayme.

We are going to make decorative BRAID with our sewing machine. 

This type of braid can be created directly on the project.. or the decorative braid can be created on wash away stabilizer.  When you create on wash away stabilizer you can use the resulting braid for bracelets, necklaces, cord for hang tags, etc. 
The following video will give you the basics.. Let's begin: Click the Arrow in the box below. 

 OK now for additional details.  You can use many trims to create braid. 

  • Cord or heavy thread..
  • Silk Ribbons
  • Satin covered piping
  • Ribbon with a cord trim.. 
  • The sky is the limit.. try with the trims you have and see what happens. 
Materials to create braid on.. 
  • You can create your braid right on your finished project. 
  • You can create your braid on water soluble stabilizer and then wash away the backing.

  • With Ribbons or flat trim.. you do not need to tie the knot. 
  • The zig-zag stitch width is according to the size of your trims. 
  • The straight stitch length to form your braid should be increased based on the size of your trims.  up to 5.0
More Photos.. 

Have fun using your sewing machine to create Decorative Braid..

New Fabric In the Door.. 
Batman Panel and matching fabric..  You don't have to be little to love this rendition.  It's got Riddler.. the Penquin and more.
 A sampling of the fabrics from Dear Stella. 
 Red Rooster sends us hues of orange and a stripe that is certainly unique.  
Watch the Heyde Link Page on Friday for a Quilt Pattern from Red Rooster.


  1. Yeah look marvelous and can't wait to try out this technique!!! Would be cute on some of the pillowcases I make for my grandkids!

  2. Cute picture Jayme. Thank you for the technique.

  3. Wow who knew you were so talented. Of course I will be in to see you, soon. Great idea!

    Homer's wife


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