Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kids Club 2013

2013 Kids Club starts January 23 at 9am
Kids will learn quilting appliqué and craft projects. Fee includes material. $15 per class
Class will always meet the last Saturday of each Month. Druring months with holidays we will not have kids club: (March, May, Aug, Nov, Dec)

Must call to register to attended .

 2013 we will offer project from a kids book "I Can Sew"
This has eight fun projects and easy for kids to follow. This book is aviable to purchase.

Project: Drawstring Backpack; Teacher Dixie

Ruffled pillowcase:Teacher: Cheryl

***no kids club in March, May, Aug, Nov, Dec*** Because of Hoilday weekends***

April Class American Girls clothes

Cost:$ 15.00

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  1. I remember my Mom showing me how to make similar doll clothes, by hand, when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My friends wanted to learn also. My mom would take apart dresses given to her and make me clothes. Being one of nine kids, I never got anything new. Sixth grade Home Economics, the first thing we did was to make a book on the different hand stitches, seam allowances, darts and zippers. We were told never to put a straight pin in our mouth. In ninth grade I would walk to the Dime Store for material and make my own clothes. By the middle of tenth grade, I made my first suit with matching plaids and bound button holes. In 1975, my mom made my wedding dress from a Vogue pattern. She used French knots to put in the zipper down the back. Material cost was $100 from Jackman’s. That was a lot of money for me as I was living on my own making about $3.25 / hr. It had to be cleaned before my special day because the only place to sew was the kitchen table. That was the last thing she made. She gave me her old Kenmore. I thought she never cared about me! In 1980, the first and only time my husband surprised me was with a new Kenmore he had put in layaway. Old man Heyde fixed it the last time and I bought my first Pfaff from him. He came out of the back to tell me and the sales person what I wanted. When I wanted a bigger sewing machine, I went back to Heyde for a Duetta and later a Quatro2. You should plan a day of memories.


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