Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Anita Goodesign's Premium Edition Quilting Essentials is here! Starting February 1, 2013 you can pre-order this amazing collection for a discounted rate.
This Premium Edition has over 400 designs, a 30 minute tutorial video and bonus designs to boost your creativity. The idea behind this collection is to improve your ease with which you quilt and embroider by not wasting fabric, not measuring, and having perfectly centered designs. Since this collection does not come out until March we wanted to get you familiar with the collection over time.
So this is the first email in a series to help introduce this Premium Edition and get you excited to embroider!
Quilting Essentials Infographic
Laying out the cut templates and arranging them to come up with a quilt.Step 2 Arrange Cut Outs -Quilting Essentials
Finished quilt after laying out the cut templates!Quilting Essentials Sample Quilt

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