Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bag Making Bible

Lisa Lam, author of The Bag Making Bible, is an expert on everything relating to constructing purses and tote bags. Creating tote bags has become the gateway to teaching the next generation an art and a hobby that we love – and we couldn’t have a better leader! For those of us who come from a quilting background, tote bags are a whole different ball game – so what a way to bring the two generations together!

Lisa starts with the basics – and explains what all of those feet are that came with your sewing machine (that you have never used). After all, most quilters sew a straight stitch with a quarter inch seam – and anything beyond that is thinking outside of the box! Don’t just skip to the patterns – take advantage of her wealth of knowlege. Who knew that most of us already have the tools available to add those beautiful touches such as zippers and piping to our projects???

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