Friday, September 9, 2011

What's New !

If you missed Brother Club on Thursday.. We have a few things to share.
Make a ZIPPER.  This is too Cool. 
We have them in the store in Black and White. If you need a different color ask at the desk and we will make that happen by ordering for you..  You make the size zipper you want.  12 zipper pulls and 3 yards of zipper.. What a Zip Trip.

Dr Suess Christmas Fabric has arrived..

Can you just imagine all the fun projects to be planned for Christmas? You can see the whole Grinch assortment at the Robert Kaufman site.. Click here..

Friday.. September 9th is the 2nd Latte.. Summer School Make Up Day.  But we understand that there is another one planned in the very near future. So call the store and get the details... time, date and so on.. and put your name on the Latte Make Up Day list. 843-1168.  Let's get those Lattes done ! 

The Dalco Trunk show has only a few days left.. If you want to view all the beautiful samples.. this week-end would be a good time to drop by. 

It's a good day to visit Heyde.. because:

  • Cheer on the Latte Workers in the classroom
  • Grab some of the Dr Suess Fabric before it's a Christmas Memory.
  • A must have "Make a Zipper" choose black or white.. or one of each. !
  • We would love to see you.. 

Let the Fall Sewing Season Begin.. 


  1. Brother Club was great on Thursday...Homer and I learned a few more things. Everytime we come to Heyde's we learn....and buy...something new.
    Love that store and the service they provide.

  2. It was a fun Brother Club... So glad to see you both there at the Brother Club Matinee.
    Don't you love that BES lettering program, it was a surprise to many that you could make appliques.
    See you both soon..


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