Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly product review

This week we are Featuring Phyllis Anderson:
PJ is a design artist who has taught and lectured throughout the United States over the past fifteen years. She is an original designer having published over twenty-five patterns which are available through Checker Distributors and is currently working on her first book for Landauer Publishing called ‘”Sweet ‘n Sassy”.
Being a previous quilt shop owner of the oldest quilt shop in New England and teacher, she is very well versed in the art of quilt making. She teaches classes for all levels of quilters in traditional piecing as well as wearable art. PJ is also working on her first line of fabric for Henry Glass, named “Giselle”.
Her latest accomplishment is a template set called “Sweet n’ Sassy” which is being produced and marketed by Creative Grid Rulers. Another template is in the prototype stage that will allow individuals to make an eight-pointed star without any “y” seams.
PJ resides in Springfield, New Hampshire with her partner and husband, Bob, and their two Persian cats named Princess and Bear.

Saer-Bear's Quilt

Maddie Bea's Quilt

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