Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Market update #1 and new product

Spring Market was so much fun I wanted to share a day at Market.

Nancy Halvorsen, launched not one – but two books! Curiosities and Mischief is sure to please the little ones in your life.

Atkinson Designs  Classmate new pattern

Gudrun from G.E. Designs launched a new book, Big Blocks Big Style…

Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts shared quilts from her latest book, Scrappy Firework Quilts…

Below are links to Moda Designers at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City. I hope you enjoy!
Moda Booth walk

Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille
Prints, Coated Fabric coming October at Heyde's

Back in the good ol’ days kids would jump off the bus and run into the house, dropping their books as they went, heading straight for the kitchen. Mom was usually there in her frilly apron, cooking something delicious. Jellies and jams were always a favorite. Depending on the season, it could be strawberry, raspberry, huckleberry or peach. Mom knew just how to make it so that when you spread butter on bread fresh out of the oven and smothered it with marmalade, you knew you were home.

Odds and Ends by Julie Cosmocoming to Heyde's in SEPTEMBER 
                                                                                         Gather together a treasure trove of trinkets, a menagerie of memories and a handful of heirlooms and you get what we call Odds and Ends. Inspired by vintage typographic elements and antique books, the patterns in this line are filled with historic charm. The color palette features a brighter twist on vintage for a fresh, spring-like feel. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Moda's NEWEST Precut is mini charms. Each 2 1/2" delectable morsel is the prefect size piece to nibble on. We are calling the mini charms Moda Candy because who can't resist moda or candy?  Available in 9 different "flavors".

Vintage striped towels

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