Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Edyta Sitar -- More About a Piecework Designer.

Do you ever want to know a bit more about the background of a quilt designer?  or--- do we just look at a pattern and say "that's the quilt I want to make". 

We have the latest book coming in.. from Edyta Sitar.  She lives in Michigan and offers classes and lectures through out the midwest.  There were several things that caught out attention in her latest book.. and we though we might see what else she has written or spoke about.. that might interest Heyde customers.. 

So here goes..

Her Newest book.. released September 2011..  are in the store.. NOW. 

We found a video of her on the Quilt Show which is playing for FREE until the end of the month.. Here is the web address.    The show runs about 1 hour.. but you can watch only the segments with Edyta in if you would like.  This video is only FREE for the next few days.  We personally loved the segment on scrappy strip exchanges.. and her tips on perfect triangles.  She also talks about anchor colors which perfects a scrappy quilt. 

In our search for knowledge about Edyta.. we found a very cute video segment about a tote she designed.  We are sharing the video and the instructions to create this very quaint and amusing tote. 

Click Here for the pattern for the tote featured in the above video..  For those on follow by Email.. you can log into the blog to see the video.

Here is the PDF file with the picture and complete instructions on how to make Edyta's Special tote bag.. 

Now Edyta is not all about piecework.. for we found a great sample of her applique embroidery.. which is yours with a simple download. 

You can find the embroidery file download from her web site.. Click  to visit Edyta's Free Page

It's interesting to get to know a bit about the quilt designers that create the patterns we sew. Many seem to have a special and unique way of putting together their designs plus choosing and arranging their colors even for a scrappy quilt.
If you would like the newest book Edyta Sitar.. call the store and reserve a copy.. 846-1168

This Thursday is the Club house quilt meeting..  check the calendar for times.


  1. Thank you for sharing the info - love her designs and her fabric.

  2. Thank You for your comment Kris.. Edyta offers a new look at sharing and swapping fabrics for a project. Plus a great method for applique and fabric choices.. If you have any other quilt designers or artists.. that you would like to know more about.. let us know.


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