Saturday, November 5, 2011

Embroidery Club November

Saturday November 5th.. and Your November Embroidery Club Folder.. filled with designs is at Heyde NOW. 

We have over 80 Pes files for you in the November Folder. 

You may be wondering what is the Heyde Embroidery Club?  It is a Customer Appreciation Project because you are important to us.  

These are original embroideries and available FREE only to Heyde Customers. How do you get them FREE? Bring in your Stick, and while you are browsing we will load the November folder on your stick. 

Throughout the month.. we will have some tutorials on projects here on the blog.. using the current months Embroidery Designs. 

Sound like a fun club ? Well let's begin. 

This month one focus is on Holiday Linens. We have done 2 versions of Thanksgiving Subway Art for Napkins.. 

NOTE: In this months St. Louis Magazine - At Home. a local company who does Subway Art with vinyl on canvas will be featured in the November issue. Subway comes to the midwest..

For some time we have been doing Subway Art With Embroidery and now we have 2 exclusive SubWay Art Thanksgiving.. designs for napkins just for Heyde Customers in time for the Holiday. 

Did you know that Napkins are one of the most popular Hostess Gifts? If you are going out for Thanksgiving.. these would be an awesome Hostess Gift. 

This first one is a typical menu..  Sews out in about 22 minutes and fits the 4X4 hoop. 

The second one features the words of Thanksgiving and Harvest. Your Choice of either one would make an outstanding hostess gift.. 

If you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner.. we bet a set of these at the table would be a wonderful conversation starter.. as you explain about SubWay Art, and how it is normally printed, but you shop for sewing supplies at a store that is out front and trendy and created Subway Embroidery.

We have ordered Quality White Napkin Blanks... but often we can't out guess the demand, so please call and let us know you are interested in the purchase of blank napkins to create on.. 843-1168 so we can hold them for you.

Here is a Instructional PDF for the fold of napkin options before embroidery. Please save this file and put it in your November Club folder.


The Club House quilt selection.. and the Christmas Quilt for 2012 are open for sign ups.  These projects are a great way to begin the new year sewing. Come in today.. 

Visit us remember ... We are Open on Sundays NOW. 
Reasons to visit Heyde.. 

  • Bring your stick for your FREE copy November Embroidery Club Folder.. 
  • The Sales Promotion Flyer for November is UP..
  • Check out the New Clubs Beginning in January.. 
  • Purchase or order a set of blank napkins..


  1. This style is so hot. Thank you. So much of the embroidery is so old fashion or too cutsie. I will be in this week with my stick.

  2. Thank you for the great idea for a hostess gift. I think I will present them as soon as they are finished so my Aunt can count on them for her table. I so love this.

  3. This is a wonderful idea. I think I will make mine and have them be a travelling gift for whoever hosts our family Thanksgiving Dinner. A new tradition--yea!! Thanks for all your great ideas and help.

  4. I love this look so modern. A wonderful accent for my Thanksgiving Table. Thank You.

  5. What great comments.. Super Idea about the traveling gift.. We are so glad that you like the subway art napkins and over the next day or so we will be revealing more of the November Embroidery Club Folder. Enjoy.

  6. Wow, I love these and can't wait to make them for my daughter who is having Thanksgiving this year. What a great gift idea.


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