Monday, January 30, 2012

Hang ‘Em Small

Everyone hates to sew sleeves on quilt. For smaller projects, it is no longer necessary! Check this out….
Cut four – 5″ squares.

Fold them in half on the diagonal and press – wrong sides together.

Place these four triangles in each corner of the quilt before attaching the binding. The raw edges on the straight sides will be caught in the seam allowance when the binding is attached!

I like to use screen molding to hang my quilts. It is a thin piece of wood with curved sides. If you are an old farm girl like me, it was nailed into the farmhouse screen doors to hold the screening in place. I am dating myself now – because that was when screen was metal! It is cheap, thin, and can be cut with an exacto knife – no power tools required!

Drill a hole in the center of one piece of wood for hanging.

If you place a piece of wood at the top and bottom of the quilt, the two pieces of wood work as stretcher bars. Cut two pieces of wood the width of the quilt – from inside binding to inside binding.

Now wasn’t THAT easy!!!
So I started nesting…..
I wanted to hang something in my sewing room but it was an odd size so it was going to be expensive to cut a mat – and they didn’t have the color of mat I wanted anyway, sooo……
I got in my scrap bin and found a tone on tone that matched perfectly and used a glue stick to attach it to the cheap backing of the frame. …..

Then I centered the item on the fabric and it came out great! The dark blue is the fabric! And it was free! Just a note….the picture is straight – but the picture of the picture isn’t!

Since I was on a roll, I decided to hang a queen size quilt above my couch! I had dreaded this project because the quilt is 99″ square – and I wanted to hang it above a couch under a vaulted ceiling! This time I used one of the “Hang It Dang It” hangers this item is a special order from Heyde's  and also in king size!

This quilt is hung using ONE nail! The magnet in the center of the rod supports and centers the quilt so it hangs perfectly straight! Simply brilliant! These hangers come in three different sizes. 

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