Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sewing Project Day.. Heart Mug Rug

We are one week from Valentine's Day 2012.  The holiday is not just for sweethearts anymore, it is also a great opportunity to share a special something with a friend.  A heart themed gift always says thanks for being in my life. 

Today our sewing project is Quick and Scrappy..but so cute and useful. 
It's A Heart Mug Rug..   We will show you how to make 2 of these.. in just 30 minutes or less. 

You will need..
  •  4 --- 5 inch pieces of fabric. We chose black and white.
  •  2-   5 inch pieces of warm and natural
  •  4    5 inch pieces of fuseable web
  •  1  - 5 inch piece of RED Felt. 
  •  red and black thread to match the fabric. 
  •  satin cord trim.. (check out your stash trim box) 
  • 5 inch square of paper to cut out your heart pattern. 

The first step is to make a sandwich..  Apply the fuseable web to both sides of the Warm and Natural. Peel off the paper from the fuseable and heat fuse the cotton fabric to each side of the warm and natural.  The sandwich is finished.. 
Using a Zig zag Stitch..  the setting we like is   4.5 x 0.9  attach the satin cord as a binding around each of the "sandwiches"
Note: we love this technique.. and the more we do it on the edges of projects the more we change it up to suit the project. This is a Carol Ann Wah technique and if you would like to know more about this process.. Check out her Video Here

Welcome back.. cool video right ?  I bet you can visualize all sorts of projects that this could be the finishing touch... 

Now it's time to cut out your heart pattern..  You remember how to do this, right?  Think back to kindergarten..  Fold your 5 inch square of paper in half and cut a 1/2 heart shape.  Pin the paper heart half to the 5 inch square of red felt.   Commercial  HERE:  Heyde has some of the best Felt.. 20 % wool 80 % rayon on the fabric clearance table.  It's still on sale.. in Black, Red and Gold. This grade of felt is perfect for sewing projects.. Add some to your stash while it's on sale. Tell the sales assistant that you read about it on the blog.. Sale through Saturday 11th 2012.. 

After cutting out your felt.. you have the material to make two toppings for your Mug Rugs.. 

 The heart object and the resulting heart space.  Place them on top of the bound fabric sandwiches...  
Sew in black thread around the heart.. Straight stitch at a 4.0 length.  On the heart space sew around the heart opening and the edges..  It is important to have matching thread in the bobbin for this step.. as it shows on the back. 

Your Done..  As fast as these go.. you could have a hand full of mug rugs to share with friends on Valentine's Day or even a couple of days before.. It's never to early to start celebrating the 0X0X0X (hugs and kisses) holiday.. 

We hope you enjoy this quick little sewing project.


  1. I finished mine this afternoon. So cute. I am off to Heydes to get some of the better felt.
    Thank you for a great project I can share with my friends at the office.

  2. These are so cute. Thanks for the project.


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