Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 New Gadget ***In Stock now***

The Quilter’s Coaster

How many times have you been in the midst of a project – and spilled a drink all over your work surface? I have done it so often, that I now cover my tables with quilts! Not only are they pretty tablecloths, they are also very absorbent! I learned this trick when the kids were small – spilled milk? No problem! The kids just picked up their plates, I pulled off the quilt and threw it in the washer – problem solved!

While I still cover my work surface with quilts, I cover that quilt with fabric, paper-piecing foundations, templates, etc. – and have ruined them more than once when I got careless.

That is why I love this gadget:

This product clips to the edge of any table with a lip up to 1 1/4″ – and holds a standard water bottle or pop can.

Don’t you just love it? It comes in three colors – sorry you don’t get to choose – but at this price, can you afford to just buy one???

It’s about time that women reverse the trend! How often have you found your quilting tools in the garage??? Unless that is where your sewing machine resides, this is a problem! Enter Sue Pelland. She turned the tables – and realized that an old fashioned chalk line would be just the ticket for so many quilting projects.

But, leave it to a woman to improve a classic! Sue changed the shape of the tool so it would fit comfortably in the palm of a woman’s hand. She increased the thickness of the string so it would hold more chalk. (This simple improvement means that you can snap the string up to 15 times before rewinding.) And, she added a rubber stopper so the chalk stays in the container – neat and clean!
The string extends to 30 feet – long enough to snap a chalk line on even the largest quilt, bedskirt, or curtains. Lets face it, the maximum length of a ruler is 36″ – and sometimes that is not long enough to do the job. Now, marking cross hatching on a king size quilt is a breeze! Placing the appliques on a full size quilt? No problem! And while it works great for those big jobs, it works for small ones as well. Machine (and hand) quilters will love it!
A bottle of white, iron-off chalk is included. Refills are available.

You may want to buy two – one for brush off chalk, one for iron-on. A quilter’s motto: Be prepared with the best tool for the job!

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