Monday, January 16, 2012

Get A Grip

 We started receiving the new rulers January 2nd   

Here are the Top 10 reasons why I love Creative Grids – 
1.  The company does it’s best to support our customers!
2.  They are made in the USA – yep, every single one!  We brought jobs to this country instead of exporting them!
3.  They have the largest selection of products in the industry!  With over 100 rulers to choose from, they have the ruler in the size you need or will consider “creating” it.
4.  They listen to their customers!  The recent changes to the squares and rectangles were a direct result of conversations with you – and they keep a runnning excel spreadsheet with your thoughts and suggestions.
5.  Creative Grids is the BEST at keeping up with technology.  You can visit: or to watch videos that show how to use all of the rulers.
6.  You can go to the Creative Grids USA website to download a hard copy of the instructions that you may have misplaced when you purchased the ruler.  We all do it, so lets just make it easy for everyone!
7.  The size of the numbers has increased – no reading glasses required!
8.  An impressive list of designers work with the Creative Grids design team so these are created by quilters – for quilters – and tested by quilters!
9. Get a Grip!!!  The gripper strips and dots on the back of the rulers easily slides when positioning them on the fabric, but stay in place when pressure is applied so everything is accurate!
10. Heyde's has 90% of these rulers in stock or we can special order. Come in and test one out, you will love these rulers

Today only purchase a Creative Gride and receive 20% off .
Tell the girls "I seen the posting on Heyde's Blog" In-stock only

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