Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Classes.. there is still room

January is the time to sew..  we are just kidding, anytime is the time to sew.  Some of us sew daily because there is always that little project on our to do list..  The following classes are a good example of projects that can be completed in an hour or an afternoon. 

Want to learn something new.. or simply make something cool.  Join us for classes this week...   
First..On Thursday Jan.26th..10:00am with Instructor Laura. How about making your choice of these very warm mufflers for gift giving or one for you to wear during Valentine's day week.. 
The machine embroidery is stunning..  you will learn embroidery machine applique.. If you already know how to applique in the hoop.. then come for class to make your choice of these scarfs and socialize.  The applique occurs in the first  10 minutes of the class.. then it's just about watching the machine do the work.. 
 What fun it would be to make these beautiful fleece scarves for young and old alike to wear on Valentines Day.  You can make your choice of Red, White or Ivory Fleece to work on. Call and reserve a spot.  314-843-1168
NOTE:  You may also choose to do this heart applique embroidery on a towel..  and use several different colors of thread.  You can decide the day of class.. 

This class repeats on Saturday January 28.. with Cheryl as the class leader. 

The Tassels Class.. On Friday Jan 27th  11:00am  Instructor: Dixie Boatman.. 

Now if you are thinking that Victorian Decor is a must.. for you to be interested in tassels...  think modern !  these delicate tassels made from rayon thread would be a nightmare to make using the standard tassel method.. 
 But we have a tool, a beading foot is involved.. and before you can imagine you are making delicate tassels..  Besides tassels.. you will learn about making twisted cord, plus a few other tips and hints.  Can you think of a better way to spend 90 minutes on Friday morning then learning  at a fun place, like the Heyde classroom ?
Yes.. you could use tassels as delicate as this to adorn, 

  • holiday ornaments
  • bookmarks 
  • jewelry
  • an antique key fob.. 
We will also talk about different types of materials you can use for tassels using the same method tool and your sewing machine for tassel binding.  
This class is more than a demo, you get to take a heart tassel home..
Call and reserve a spot.  314-843-1168

January 27th 11:00 to 1:00 
Laura takes us on a journey of creating flying geese..
whoops not that kind....
It's the flying geese pieces in quilting..   Only Laura can give us the flying geese options that result in perfect triangle pieces.  We say options because there are optional ways to accomplish these little triangles.  Do you know them all?   Come join Laura for the Flying Geese  construction class this Friday.  

Reserve a spot.  314-843-1168

We are back blogging Monday through Friday..  and we hope you will like what's in store for blog 2012.  We love your comments so let us know what you are thinking? 

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