Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ruffles Ruffles.. They are Everywhere..

Ruffles... they are so much fun, and you can add them to almost everything that's fabric.

Like a baby's butt..  Grandma's love to see their little girls with bald heads and butt ruffles on their onesies.

Or around baby's collar

Or Ruffles for home decor.. 
For Toddlers you can make Rumba Pants.. that are just charming

Or add several rows of ruffles to a pre-madeT-Shirt and create a dress

For the Bedroom..  now that's a beautiful bunch of ruffles..

This is just the beginning..  Once you begin making ruffles it will be hard to stop.. 

Now how to make Ruffles the easy way.. ?  You need one of these feet for your Brother Machine.. 

It's crazy looking but ohhh..... so simple to operate 

And quick as a lick you will be producing mountains of Ruffles..
Ruffles and more ruffles..

We are going to be doing some ruffle projects here on the blog.. We will talk about the best settings for the best results.   So get your ruffler foot out.. or if you need one call the store 843-1168. The ruffler foot comes with complete directions. Or you may ask a sales assistant to show you how quick and easy it is to ruffle.. 

Now don't wait for us.. the pictures above are plenty of motivation to begin the "Ruffle - ing"  


  1. This is the best. Thank You.

  2. Love the ruffles. How much is the ruffler foot?


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