Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sewing Project for Tuesday

Today's sewing project is quick and so easy. Some may think that it is a bit crafty, and well it might be. However the technique and result can be use for applique projects, quilt labels and more.  

So let's begin.. To Create A Piece of Notebook Paper.. 

First our supplies:  
  • White Cotton Fabric, we use a scrap 8"x6" of good muslin.(Southern Bell) 
  • A same size piece of White and Warm batting. 
  • Rayon Thread in Aqua, Rose Pink and Black
  • 1 5" square colored charm fabric. 
  • 5 inch square of fuse-ing web 
  • pinking sheers.
  • Sewing machine.. for straight stitch and built in font. 

Press the muslin and the batting. Then layer the muslin atop the batting. 
Take it to your sewing machine and using the default straight stitch and aqua blue thread in the needle  begin stitching rows from left to right.  

We used the presser foot to gauge the width of our rows. After completing each row, cut the thread and go back to the left side and complete another row.  you can make as many rows as you want... but for our purposes we are only making 10 to create our "Friends Magnet".  

After completing the rows, we thread the machine with rose pink and using the triple stretch stitch, created the column.  This was placed on the left side of the page.. just like a piece of notebook paper. 

Now.. depending on your model of Brother, choose a font stitch.  

Fill in on the screen the words you want to sew.  We choose "Sew glad we're friends" sewing "Sew glad"... first.  Then dropped down a line and programmed the words "we're friends" and sewed. 

To finish your Note Paper... for this project:  
  • Fuse webbing to the back of the charm square. 
  • Then fuse the charm square to the back of your notepaper. 
  • Then you can sew around the edges of your paper.. or do as we did and just pinked the edges.. 
  • We glued a magnet on the back.. and your done.  

Now can you imagine the possibilities?  Notepaper is everywhere, and the perfect canvas for drawing, note taking, etc.  So what fun you can have duplicating notepaper with your sewing machine quick and easy.. 

  • This would be a great quilt label background.. 
  • How about the fabric postcards.. 
  • Create a message on notepaper and applique on a quilt. 
  • Create a piece of notebook paper to be a piece of fabric for a phone caddy, laptop cover, covers for all sorts of techie toys. 
Well we hope you enjoyed seeing this project and hope that you will put the technique to use now or in the future..  

Tune into the blog tomorrow for details on the St Louis Shop hop.  

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