Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Project Folder Ends Friday for Red Quilt August.

Red Quilt Club Members.. we have a bonus download for you.  The Pillow project in the August Red Quilt Folder has an Embroidery center. We included a PES file in the folder so you could make that cute project without a hand embroidery. That bonus file was for the 8 x 12 hoop..  which let a few of our sewing friends out.. because their largest hoop is only 5 x 7.  Well we do not want to disappoint  so here is an additional PES file to make a smaller version.  Click here and save the small PES Broken Heart57 to your August Red Quilt Project Folder..  You will have to adjust your project size or simply center the 5 x7 in the 12 inch block. 
If you do not have the FREE August Folder.. come on into the store.. Bring your zip drive.. and while you browse a bit we will download the August Red Quilt Project Folder.. 

The New season of Project Runway has begun.. 4th week into the series.  The show here in the St Louis area is on LifeTime. Thursdays at 8pm central time  The show captures a younger audience and according to the Washington Post article.. has the younger generation heading off to sewing classes.  The article header is "Sewing is Back". There are sweepstakes and give-away contests throughout the season which you can read about on their website.. Here is a fun bit of trivia.. that Brother has released..  Brother Provides all the machines including sergers for Project Runway.. and Here is one of the Prizes to be given away at the end of the season. 
It's a Brother covered in Crystals. (Who has time to do this stuff?) We don't have the details as to how one goes about winning this sewing bling..but stay tuned !

We have a few more New Creative Grid Rulers for your review.  The following is a Side Setting Triangle.. Quilters if you have the time today, it's worth the viewing. 

Remember you can always go to the web site in the notions department.. and view all the creative grids videos. 

 Today's reasons for visiting Heyde's

  • Get your Red Quilt Project Folder.. 
  • Get your Golden Ticket Demo on a 2012 Brother Machine
  • Gift yourself a New Creative Grids Ruler 
  • Get inspired by the new Holiday Fabrics.. 
We wish you a happy sewing day and welcome your comments

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