Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grids Machine Quilting Templates Concentric Shapes

 How to use the templates with longarm quilting systems. It is worth noting that all the templates can be used for many purposes, but they were designed to be used with longarm quilting systems, which is why they are ¼” thick.
The Concentric Shapes are extremely useful since there are multiple sizes of each shape – AND – you can use the inside edges as well as the outside edges. This is possible because every template has a small slot which provides access to the inside edges. This slot is large enough to get around the shaft of the hopping foot, but small enough that you can stitch past it and there is no visible flaw in the stitch line.
The benefit of this slot is subtle, but significant. When stitching a geometric shape, the inside edge provides far more control, making it easier to get the perfect shape. Outside edges are still very useful, especially when the shape is being used to control the machine when outlining designs like appliqué.
There are four shapes available:
Item # BDQSQ
The Circles and Squares have 11 pieces each.
Stars have 4 pieces and Hearts have 6.
Here are examples of what you can do with the Creative Grids Sweet Set Circles. Notice the consistent shape of the stitched circles. It is easy when using the inside edge of the template.

It is always a good idea to measure and mark the quilt before stitching. I use chalk because it is removed easily. The registration marks on the templates allow them to be placed accurately.

The square templates are quickly becoming one of my favorites, especially for inside borders and sashings.

Squares are stitched on point, and connected by stitching a horizontal line from one to the next.

Squares can also be overlapped, creating a gridwork, similar to crosshatching, but much easier to do.

Use one side of the template to create duplicate stitch lines. No need to mark and measure the echo lines! When using the inside of the template as the stitching guide, the corners remain sharp and pointed.

Enhance the square designs by using the Star.

Add some arcs by using just the top of the Heart.

Here is an example of a block design, created using just the heart shape template. There are hundreds of block possibilities using the Creative Grids Sweet Set concentric shapes individually or in combinations.
Use concentric shapes when doing detailing around appliqué. Choose a template that matches the curvature of the appliqué, and use either the inside or outside edge.

I especially like using the Heart shapes for outlining appliqué because they have both a straight edge and a curved edge.

Plus, the top of the heart fits the hopping foot perfectly, so the template can be used to guide the machine for excellent control.

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