Friday, August 19, 2011

No Sew Boutique Gifts from Ellen Medlock

These projects created by Ellen are perfect gifts . They are perfect gifts!
These bangle bracelets can be covered with ribbons or fabric – and embellished with buttons and beads. A set of bands come in different widths – the possibilities are endless – and a great way to showcase your favorites trims….

Item #EMP403M
Same concept, smaller rings for napkins….

Item #EMP404 
What could be easier than a covered ring??? To match their bangle bracelets???

Item #EMP405A 
These little Mary Jane Coin purses are adorable – and fast!

Item #EMP705A 
If you have more time, I love these covered purses. The kit includes the form. Just cover it with glue and smooth on the fabric. It takes longer to dry than it does to make them!

Item #EMP115A 
Or choose the heart version -cute and sassy! Just big enough for your needs.

Item #EMP116B 
Matching chains can be purchased separately.
Sometimes, a class is an opportunity to set aside time to actually FINISH something – and this interchangeable bag pattern is a perfect example of that! 

Item #EMP105F

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