Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Quilt Club August Projects

Members of the Red Quilt Club your projects in the August folder are a Fullsized Quilt titled Love in A Whirl. A Small Quilt called Mended Heart..   and a bonus pattern this month a Mended Heart Pillow..  Your folder of projects has complete instructions for piecing and finishing. 

These designs are fun and easy to piece.  If you take away the red.. your possibilities are endless. That is what we are trying to do each month is to offer possibilities.. We follow the basic instructions and change it up a bit. 

First the full sized Love in a Whirl..  This quilt is created with a 12 inch whirling arrow block.  It is an adaptation of the Winged Arrow Block, making it easier to piece using the Flying Geese units. 
We created a sample of one block.. and turned it into a  table throw centerpiece.

The block and all it sharp points provide a nice background for the center flower and lovely leaves. The flower is a simple gathered fabric and twist floral. The leaves were created using the Anita Goode Vintage Free-Standing Leaves.  The leaves were a design pack from last year..  and you may have missed it on the release.. as the samples were done in lace. These leaves done with Batiks are outstanding.

The Mended Heart Wall Quilt has been re-made into a Halloween Banner.. 

Following the piecing instructions we just substituted Fall Colors, a Holiday Quilting Design.. and again those Anita Goode Vintage Free-Standing Leaves mini collection.
You could use any Halloween Embroidery design for the accents on this project. We used the Holiday Quilting designs from Anita Goode.  We have some enhancements available for you if you already have this pattern packet. 

The real fun and beauty of this project is that it can be embellished with any holiday decoration.. Using the center, and corners for designs.  It's a quick piecing project. 

There will be more tomorrow.. on the bonus project in your free Red Quilt Club Member folder.  Be sure to bring in your flash/zip drive to get all the Free August Projects..
Visit tomorrows blog.. 

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