Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Secret Message for Current Brother Quattro Owners

If you are a current Quattro Owner.. and purchased your Quattro from Heyde.. you may open this link that holds all the upgrade details.

If you do not currently own the Brother Quattro you must not ……… Oh well  go ahead you can click the link too ! Click This Link

Karen is still at convention and gaining more knowledge by the minute.. 
But we now know.. what, when and how much on the up grades !

So come on in and get all the details of the Quattro Up Grade Introductory Offer..... and order yours today at a super special Price.

Because of the incredible heat in St Louis, we are also doing the following:

You must be a customer, who has purchased your Quattro from Heyde. We will check on the data base before any information is provided.
Of course if you have been around the sewing scene for a while.. you know that prices can’t be quoted on the Internet, nor can they be quoted on the phone for the Brother Sewing Machines..
But here is the the deal for the next 25 hours only.  Until 6:00 Wed August 3, 2011. Call the Heyde Number (314) 843-1168  or 314-843-4745 or 1-877-245-8100. 
We will tell you the cost of the Quattro upgrades. Yes there are 2.  We will tell you the Heyde special price that is being offered to current Quattro Owners.   This is a one time offer.. and the lowest price ever for this deal. 

You can choose to take the upgrade deal.. and come in before 6:00pm on Wed. to pay for it. It’s win win for you.  

2nd Opportunity Note: If you can’t get through by phone .. you may E-mail your request for details and we will call you.. after the Quattro Ownership is verified.  Just E-mail making the request for information ..and leave your name and phone number.

Next Incredible Special Offer

We know there are new PR650 and PR1000 coming out..  They have put an E at the end of the number.  While there are some upgrades on the new models.. The factory still has a limited inventory of the current PR650 and PR1000.  
Karen can still order them .. for incredible savings that will be passed on to you. If you have been looking at the PRO Embroidery Machines.. Call NOW ! Talk to Susan. 

This offer will last only while Karen is still at convention so she can make the deal !

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