Monday, August 1, 2011

New Brother Products 2011-2012 Convention

It has been a day of information gathering. Karen sending back texts.. as she was trying to take notes and listen to all the speakers. The text's were being de-coded, we tried to put together the information in a blog post form..
Then  all of a sudden Susan mentioned that last year Brother launched some of the info on the Brother Site just after the announcement at Convention. 
Well .. we checked and yes a little after 12:00 noon the Brother Sewing Site had changed..  A wealth of information.  Not all the information.. but a goodly amount to absorb this afternoon. 

So we begin to put together what we know..  There is plenty we don't know for sure but here is what we do know.. 

Above is the photo taken from the Brother Intro for the Quattro2 6700D
Notice the Tablet next to the machine..  That was one of the 2 things that captured our interest..  The other was a "Color Shuffle"  Hmmm. No details yet. But if you would like to head over to the Brother Quattro2 pages.. here is the link..  We do know that there will be upgrades for the Original Quattro.

Next.. it seems the Laura Ashley will be entering the sewing/embroidery combo category.  

Laura Ashley Ltd Edition Isodore™ Innov-is 5000  She is Pretty. Comes with Laura Ashley Stitch designs.  Well she is also loaded with lots of good stuff, included 2 USB ports and a card reader.   All of the particulars for this beauty, are also on the Brother Web.. Click here

For the owners of the Professional Series PR's of Embroidery Machines.. there are up grades..

Enhancements for both PR650 and PR1000.. Auto density features, New Alignments and 2 new fonts, 10 design, Color Shuffling™ and scanning. 
Click on over and get the details.

Well if you have bounced over to the Brother site.. you have to have noticed the changes.. 
  • Brand New Projects
  • New Embroidery Designs in the Free Category
  • Projects that are in the PDF format for easy printing. 
  • Videos
  • and more
We like it.. it feels like community.. a place to visit and enjoy. 
If you missed it on one of your trips over to Brother.. you can check it out here under free designs projects and videos

I-Embroidery the Brother embroidery site.. got a boost too ! Dora has arrived
and Dakota is there in 14 x 14 inch designs. If you haven't visited I-embroidery check it out  

One of the things we noticed.. was the Brother Event calendar, Yes Heyde is listed for August 19 th.. the RETREAT.  Yes Brother is sponsoring ! Yes, if all goes well we should see and be able to test out those new machines.  Are you going to retreat?  I think there are still a couple of openings. Call the store to check.. Phone: (314) 843-1168

It was a news filled day and we are sure there is more info coming.  You know there are always packages.. intro pricing maybe, financing  details, details, details.  Karen will bring home the scoop. 

Hope you enjoyed browsing the new Brother site as much as we did.
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  1. Just checked out the PR 650e, and saw the cylinder frame and driver set and the pair of boots on the picture that are embroidered looks like a much larger design than the 3.5 inch area that is stitchable using the driver...any ideas on how they made that work??

  2. Morning LaLoo. After looking at the photos introducing the new PR650E it appears they have moved the hoop to create that large of a design on the boot.
    This is our best educated guess. and we can only guess since we did not do that project here. Nice to have you visiting our blog from Michigan. Thanks for your comment.


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